Workshop - The future of EU finance


The future of EU finance

Having survived the past economic and political crisis, EU institutions aimed for stability and consolidation. On the other hand, this crisis seems to have opened a window of opportunity for the further development of the European Union as has been outlined e.g. by Emmanuel Macron. It remains unclear whether these developments and suggestions will in the long run deepen European integration or strengthen populist centrifugal forces as we have seen in the Brexit votum. This conference focuses on the future fiscal and financial development of the EU and its long term consequences. This 2-day workshop shall try to illustrate various alternatives and discuss their potential, risks and feasibility in economic, political and legal terms. The conference venue is the University Trier from about 1pm on Thursday 18th October to about 4pm on Friday 19th October. The conference will close with a panel discussion on the way forward. We would like to invite papers on concepts, instruments and institutions for future developments in EU finance. These may include but are not limited to fiscal union, including eurobonds or joint unemployement insurance scheme, banking union, central bank policies, public budget and spending policies and EU financing as well as concepts discussing risk sharing vs. risk reduction. This is a joint economics-political science conference, and we would like to have a mix of papers from several disciplines including economics, politics and law.

Limited funding will be provided for 1 night and travel expenses.

Please send extended abstracts (max. 500 words) to Christian Bauer at schneidersuni-trierde by Mai 10th, 2018.

Accepted papers will be notified by May 15th, 2018. Prof. Dr. Christian Bauer, Lehrstuhl für Monetäre Ökonomik