Exercise (block seminar) Right-wing populism & gender

20-21 April, 1-2 June and 15-16 June 2018 10am-4pm (April) and 10am-6pm (June) respectively - Room: P1 (Campus 1)


The exercise 'Right-wing populism & gender' aims to undertake a gender-theoretical and historical classification and analysis of current right-wing populisms. Organisations for the prevention of female suffrage in Great Britain and anti-feminist associations in the German Empire are regarded as historical precursors, then "male fantasies" (Theweleit) of the paramilitary Freicorps and analyses of fascist sexual politics (Reich, Bloch, Fromm). In the discussion of the present, gender politics of German and European right-wing populisms are at the centre of attention, which are to be questioned both on traditional gender issues and on possible alternative'modernity' (Sauer, Müller). Finally, the seminar will open a look at 'Trumpism' as well as into the internet scenes of alt.right or Identitäre.

Target audience

All interested students of the University of Trier, especially BA/Ed and MA/MEd History. The latter could attend the event as part of the module "Advanced Module Historical Auxiliary Sciences/Methods". For the MA NF Gender Studies as well as for students of the certificate Intercultural and Gender Studies, the exercise was also considered an apparent event.



Registration was made via StudIP or, if required, via buchmeiuni-trierde (Secretariat for International History, University of Trier).