The chair for Digital Humanities

The chair for Digital Humanities is part of the Department of Computational Linguistics and Digital Humanities in the Faculty II Language, Literature and Media Studies at the University of Trier. The chair is held by Christof Schöch.

The chair coordinates the Master of Science Digital Humanities in which students learn to work at the intersection of the Humanities and Computer Science.

The main research areas at the chair are the creation, enrichtment, structuring and publishing of larger collections of literary texts and the use and development of quantitative methods of analyzing such text collections.

In the areas of both teaching and research, the chair works closely together with the Trier Center for Digital Humanities which was founded in 1998.

Digital Humanities

The MSc study programme Digital Humanities is on offer in close cooperation with the Trier Center for Digital Humanities and the department for Computer Sciences as well as other departments in the humanities and cultural sciences (English studies, German studies, phonetics, art history). It teaches expert knowledge and allows for founded experience with methods and techniques at the interface between computer sciences and the humanities.
The programme is open for all graduates with a BA qualification in fields related to computer sciences and the humanities. Based on their prior knowledge, students acquire and expand their expertise in both fields as well as the core area of digital humanities. The programme focuses on the workings of representation, digital processing, visualisation, analysis as well as presentation of humanistic data – in textual as well as non-textual form (e.g. audio-visual data, digitised images of artefacts, radio programmes, and film material).
The processing of textual data is of particular significance as usually non-textual data are indexed and connected via textual metadata too.

Leaflet for the MSc programme Digital Humanities


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christof Schöch
Function: Professor/-innen
Facility: Prof. Dr. Schöch
Room: DM321
Consultation-hour: Im laufenden Semester: Dienstags 13-14 Uhr (Anmeldung per Email)
Tel.: +49 651 201-3264