Computational Linguistics

Contemporary issues like automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning are to a large extend driven by computational linguistics.  Specifically, technological developments in the area of Deep Learning have lead to rapid advances in the area of natural language processing. Digital assistants like Siri and Alexa or the debate about automatically generated content on social media demonstrate how far those modern technologies have influenced ever-day digital life. Technological advancements in this area have reached a level that some new language models are not published anymore since they might be abused for the automated generation of fake news and spam.

Study Program

The study program Computational Linguistics focuses on the fundamentals of modern natural language processing techniques. In addition, practical skills are obtained by applying those methods to the analysis and generation of language, as well as, annotation of language and media documents.


The research in Computational Linguistics in Trier deals with the machine learning of knowledge representations from textual sources. They are key to understanding natural language, analyzing media content, for the digital humanities and for the integration of knowledge.


Das Sekretariat der Computerlinguistik ist aufgrund der aktuellen Coronasituation geschlossen. Frau Thielen kann Mo-Do via Email erreicht werden.


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Die  Forschungsgruppe krAil der Computerlinguistik organisiert zusammen mit Kollegen von der LMU München und der Uni Bonn einen Workshop zum...

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