Job Advertisement Café Kunterbunt

The AStA is looking for an employee for our Café Kunterbunt!

The AStA is looking for an employee for our Café Kunterbunt,
starting on 01.04.20.
(Deadline for applications 11.03.20)

Applications in writing or by e-mail to:

AStA Uni Trier
Universitätsring 12b
54296 Trier

The application should include a short letter of motivation (ca ¼ page) and a CV. Applications are welcome without a photo.
Reliability, ability to work independently, good teamwork skills, availability by telephone, motivation to work with students, flexibility in terms of time

Areas of responsibility (selection) :

  • Shopping for the café

  • Sale of café offers

  • Dealing with the cash register, as well end-of-day calculation with the financial department

  • Organization of the schedule with the team

  • Redirection of students to responsible offices within the AStA and the university (if necessary)

  • Stockkeeping

  • Keeping order and cleanliness at the workplace

  • Cleaning of the café area


Wages: 10€/hour

Working time: approx. 4-5 hours/week

Kategorie: AStA

Kontakt: Koordinierendes Mitglied des AStA

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