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Social Science Games

Inspired by our personal research and love to board games, we are developing card-based board games that help discover and explain in a fun and interactive way the existence, complexity and intricacies of geographic and environmental sustainability sciences. In the games, players will discover the science behind understanding who and how people, organizations and governments ‘play’ for control, money and outcomes – often to the detriment of society and nature.

We are developing two card-based board games focusing on the topics of resource conflicts with regards to forests (“Lumber-Jacked” [EN] / “Blockade” [DE]) and on cycling and contested urban mobility spaces (“Unchained” [EN] / “Déchaîne” [FR]). Both games are designed with science communication as the goal, using fun game mechanics to motivate learning of the realities of policy and spatial conflict between diverse interests in determining urban and forest land-use.

Nachhaltiges Bauen als urbane Klimaschutzstrategie

This was a 3-year international research collaboration funded by the National Research Fund Luxembourg (FNR) and the German Research Foundation (DFG) focusing on innovations towards low-carbon economies in the building sector in different city regions including Brisbane in Australia, Freiburg in Germany, Luxembourg City in Luxembourg and Vancouver in Canada. Innovations span from organizational, structural and technological changes to institutional approaches, governance arrangements and urban development and planning visions.