Coronavirus: Impact on Trier University

Trier University provides the lastest information and answers important questions concerning the effects of Corona virus on University operations. (Deutsche Version)

Information regarding summer semester 2022

  • On site teaching: all lectures, exercises, pro-seminars, seminars, reading courses, courses and examinations will take place on site. Exception: lectures attended by more that 60 people will be held online. If possible, digitally held lectures should be recorded and be provided online for at least one week. The capacity constraint does not apply to extra-curricular events. 
  • Face masks: the obligation to wear a facial mask (FFP2 standard or medical mask) applies inside all buildings and during lectures and examinations. The mask can be removed by the lecturer when presenting (or when a teaching activity requires this) as well as by individuals when seated inside the canteen/cafeteria. Exception: employees do not need to wear masks at their place of work as well as individuals seated at desks in the university library.
  • Employees: From May 26, 2022 Trier University's agreement on working time regulation and core working hours applies again.
  • Corona test center: the Corona test center on Campus I offers lateral flow tests (not PCR tests) from Monday to Saturday more information
  • 3G rule: the rule no longer applies on campus. We recommend to regularly test for Corona virus Corona test center

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What do I do if a Corona case occurs at a course, lecture or event?

If a participant of a course, lecture or event has contracted COVID-19, the organiser is asked to inform participants. The course or lecture can be continued on site. It is not necessary to contact the local health authority or to notify the university. Please observe the latest quarantine rules. We recommend using the Corona test center on Campus I for lateral flow testing.


What should I do if I suspect to have been infected by coronavirus?

In case of a suspected infection please contact one of the institutions listed on the website of the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

What do I do if I have been tested positive for Coronavirus?

If you are a student, lecturer or employee at Trier University and have been tested positive for Corona virus, please do not enter Campus. Decisions regarding quarantine or self-isolation can only be made and will be issued by the local health authority.

However, Trier University would like to enable fast and transparent information and therefore recommends the following actions:

  • Students should immediately contact those lecturers, whose courses they attended the week before the positive test result. The lecturer informs all participants of the course about the positive case without revealing any names. The lecturer also decides whether the lecture or course can be continued due to the observance of social distancing and hygiene rules, or if the course needs to temporarily be offered online. As face masks are mandatory, continuing lectures on site is the preferred option. There are no additional obligations to notify the university.
  • Lecturers who tested positive need to inform their students immediately. In addition the dean's office needs to be informed to coordinate any further actions. 
  • Employees should immediately inform their supervisor in order to advise any direct colleagues and coordinate possible further actions.

Where can I get help if I am concerned regarding the return to campus?

The programme „Beyond Covid“ offers students and employees who feel left alone a chance to talk to trained volunteers about concerns regarding the return to campus.


Where can I get tested?

Lateral flow test
There is a test center on Campus I. More information can be found here.

PCR test
A list of PCR test stations in Trier can be found here.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

If you have additional questions regarding the measures being taken or the current situation at Trier University please contact coronauni-trierde. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Legal regulations for teaching, studies and examination

In principle, the legal provisions, in particular the examination regulations and the application/enrolment regulations, still apply under the current coronavirus pandemic. In the interest of the students, we work to standardize important regulations throughout the university. These regulations are published on this website. If it is not possible to make general regulations, but rather individual case decisions are necessary, it is necessary to work towards ensuring that the discretionary scope provided in the examination regulations is used and applied according to uniform and transparent criteria in the best interest of the students, without this resulting in legal violations, in particular a violation of the principle of equal opportunities.

Examination regulations for Trier University [German]
Enrolment regulations for Trier University [German]


Corona-related documents [German]

Einwilligung zur Durchführung einer mündlichen Videokonferenzprüfung - from summer semester 2020
Aktuelle Corona-Bekämpfungsverordnung (RLP)
Corona-Prüfungsordnung - valid until September 30, 2022