CORONA | Information for students and prospective students

Current situation

Corona-related documents updated for summer semester 2021 (10.06.2021)

The documents collected on and posted on various corona-related websites are still valid in the summer semester of 2021. They have been changed only in relation to the date.

All in-person exams on 01 April 2021 will be postponed (25.03.2021)

Due to the initially planned extension of the lock down prior to Easter, all in-person exams on 01 April 2021 will be postponed as a precautionary measure. This decision remains in effect, even though the Easter Lock Down decision has been rescinded.

Students who have registered for an exam on 01 April 2021 should note the following:

  • All written, in-person exams on April 01, 2021 have been cancelled. Exams will be rescheduled for a new date in the near future.
  • Oral examinations in digital/online form may take place as previously scheduled if the examinee and examiner agree. Students should contact their examiner directly in these cases.
  • The exam registration for 01.04.2021 is also valid for the new exam date. Students who were registered for an exam on 01.04.2021 do not have to register again.
  • The new date for the examination will be communicated to the examinees by the examiner.

If you have any questions regarding the administrative process of the examination, please contact the university Examination Office (HPA).

Masks mandatory for all in-person examinations (16.02.2021)

For all in-person examinations at Trier University, both students and invigilators/proctors are required to wear a medical face mask (OP mask) or a mask meeting KN95/N95 or FFP2 standards. Exceptions to this requirement cannot be implemented on an ad hoc basis.

Students who are unable to wear a mask due to a disability or health reasons must provide proof with a medical certificate attesting to that fact. The certificate must be submitted to the University Examination Office or the Examination Office of the Law Department (FB V) at least two weeks prior to the examination date. The certificate must clearly state the medical diagnosis and the reason(s) why it is not possible to wear a mask in the specific case. Once received, the adjusted procedure will then be clarified individually with the respective student.

Without prior submission and recognition of the medical certificate, participation in the examination without a mask is not possible!

BAföG | Information for the winter semester 2020/21 (12.02.2021)

The winter semester 2020/21 is not generally considered a zero semester in terms of funding law, but as follows:

  • Students who have complied with the deadlines applicable to them under the BAföG regulations (e.g. achievement of the required credit points by the end of the 4th semester), have not suffered any disadvantages due to the pandemic under the BAföG regualtions then for these students, there are no changes.
  • Students who have not been able to meet the deadlines under the BAföG regulationsdue to pandemic-related delays in their studies can claim these as part of their applications for further funding.
  • The evaluation of the winter semester as a "zero semester" under the BAföG regulations has no effect on the maximum funding period. The winter semester 2020/21 will be counted as a semester of study.

Amendment to the Corona Guidelines for Courses/Lectures and Examinations (01.02.2021)

The Corona Guidelines for the Conduct of Courses/Lectures ans Examinations (02.11.2020) has been revised to reflect the current situation. Effective01.02.2021, the Guidelines dated the 01.02.2021 are in effect. Please note the changes accordingly!

The key points are summarised here:

Hygiene regulations

Due to the current situation, the following applies: A surgical-OP or FFP2 mask must be worn by all persons throughout the entire campus grounds, in the buildings and during courses/lectures and examinations.  This applies to both lecturers and participants (as well as all committee or commission meetings).

Collection of contact data | Attendance in courses/lectures and examinations

  • Contact data of the participants present in courses/lectures and examinations must be carefully documented, [...] For this purpose, the following must be recorded: Surname, first name, address and telephone number. This is recorded through the participant lists for courses/lectures or examinations.
  • There is (as of 11/2020) the possibility to collect contact data via PORTA (digital attendance list via QR code). This can be used as an alternative to the attendance lists. The large lecture halls (sports hall, Audimax, HS 3) will remain equipped with readers to offer this as another option.

Examiniations| Oral examinations conducted in-person

  • The wearing of a surgical-OP/FFP2 mask during in-person oral examinations is mandatory for examiners as well as students.

Examinations | Written examinations conducted in-person

  • The wearing of a surgical-OP/FFP2 mask for in-person written examinations is mandatory for examiners and students.

Examinations in winter semester 2020/21 (as of: 26.01.2021)

Oral as well as written examinations will take place in the winter semester 2020/21. The examinations will usually take place in-person on campus. Please note the following information!

  • There is no obligation to take exams. Each student decides for themselves which examinations they would like to take in the winter semester 2020/21.
  • The format of examination is defined in the course examination regulations and cannot be changed. There is no entitlement on the part of the examinee to a specific format of examination (e.g. online/digital examination).
  • A (timely) registration for an exam is still necessary if you want to take part in that exam. The registration is done as usual via PORTA.
  • The obligation to retake a failed exam at the next possible date is suspended until 30.09.2021.
  • Deregistration prior to an exam is possible - exclusively via PORTA – up until the day before the exam date.
  • Written examinations take place in-person on campus. Please refer to the current Checklist for Students regarding exam participation.
  • Oral examinations are possible via video conference if the examiner and the examinee agree; however there is no right or obligation to this option. On the part of the examinee, the examiner must have the signed the Consent to Conduct an Oral Video Conference Examination form prior to the start of the examination.
  • On the campus - in the buildings as well as on the exterior grounds – it is mandatory to wear a surgical-OP mask or an FFP2 mask – as well as during examinations. This applies to entering / leaving the campus and the buildings as well as in the examination room for the entire duration of the examination!
    • The surgical-OP/FFP2 masks are not provided by the university, you provide your own mask. Without the appropriate mask, you will not be allowed to enter the university campus and it will not be possible to take the exam.
    • On campus, you can purchase an appropriate mask at the following locations: Campus I, Cafeteria / Mensa, Mon.-Fri., 8:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. as well as at the Studierendenwerk vending machines by the Audimax, in Building A/B and on Campus II in the Mensa Petrisberg.

If you have any questions regarding the organization of examinations, please contact your clerk in the  Examination Office (HPA).

Examinations | Travel and accommodations in a hotel (as of 12.01.2021)

Students traveling to the university for an exam during the corona pandemic may stay in area hotels if necessary. Finding and booking appropriate hotel accommodation is the responsibility of the student.

Taking an exam is considered a legitimate reason to stay in a hotel and is therefore not considered a tourist trip. A copy of the exam registration, which each student can print out themselves via their personal account in PORTA , serves as proof of the necessity for travel.

Please refer to the instructions on the organization of exams during the pandemic on Corona | Examination Office |Information on examinations .

New Federal and State Regulations | What is currently changing at Trier University? (08.01.2021)

Following the current developments in the corona pandemic and the new regulations and notices from the federal und state (Rhineland-Palatinate), here is a summary of the most important impacts on Trier University for the next few weeks. The measures mentioned here are valid at least until 31.01.2021.

  • Examinations will continue to take place, as these are few examinations with a low number of participants. Nevertheless, in case of doubt, please consult the Examination Oficce and, if necessary, the respective department (Departmental academic advisors).
  • All courses/lectures - with a few exceptions such as laboratory praticals or similar - will continue to be held exclusively onlinein the winter semester 2020/21.The summer semester 2021 will also initially be planned for online; if necessary, there will be opportunities for accompanying face-to-face events in the course of the semester. Which courses/lectures will be offered in which form will be indicated at the respectivelyin PORTA.
  • Please watch the announcements on the library librarywebsite for the current status.
  • The PC-Poolson Campus I and II remain closed. Reopening has not yet been determined.  Please refer to the information provided on Corona - ZIMK.

The Mensa currently only offers food to go ( Mensa to go). The Subchill Lounge, where students have been able to hang out and study in recent months, will be closed until further notice. Please note the current information from the Studierendenwerkes.

New Federal and State Regulations | What is currently changing at Trier University? (15.12.2020)

Following the current developments in the Corona pandemic and the new regulations and notices from the federal and state governments (Rhineland-Palatinate), here is a summary of the most important effects on Trier University for the next few weeks. The measures mentioned here are valid at least until 10.01.2021.

  • The Trier University Christmas vacation will start on 24.12.20 and end on 3.1.2021. During this time all buildings will be closed including the Mensa (closed from 21.12.) and library.
  • The library will maintain the current opening mode up to and including next Friday (12/18). Due to urgent maintenance work on the power supply, the library will not be available over the weekend. However, it will again be open from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. from Dec. 21 - 23. It will not be available for work from 12/24 - 10/1/21 for the time being. Please check for announcements on the library website.
  • With the library closing, the ability to place advance orders through the library catalog will be suspended. This will resume on 04.01.2021. The same applies to borrowing and returning books, which will once again be possible daily (Mon-Fri) between the hours of 9am-6pm.
  • The PC pools on Campus I and II will close for the time being on 19.12. The reopening has not yet been determined.
  • Exams will continue to be held until 10.01.2021, as the number of exam participants are low. Nevertheless, consult the respective subject in case of doubt. A few exams are planned to take place in continuing in January.
  • The Mensa will be open until next Friday (on Campus II only until Thursday). From 04.01.2021 there will be a basic menu in ForU on Campus I.

Contact data tracing for in-person events via PORTA (QR code or appointment ID) (02.11.2020)

To support contact data tracing for in-person events, an additional tool is now available in PORTA for instructors to track who is attending their event via QR code or appointment ID. This data is used to inform possible contacts in the event of a corona infection.  The data is collected solely for contact tracing purposes and is automatically deleted after four weeks.

The studentconfirms participation in an event by scanning the QR code or directly entering the event ID. It is also possible for students to directly confirm an appointment in PORTA.

This is only possible for people who have a ZIMK ID, as the existing contact details are retrieved from the system. This option is available for all events/lectures/courses. Instructors can use this option either exclusively or as an additional option to contact entry via lists or readers. The card readers will remain in the large lecture rooms (sports hall, Audimax and HS 3).

In your own interest and that of your fellow students and lecturers, please make sure to confirm your attendance!

Additional information

Personal responsibility regarding Corona symptoms or exposure

What do I do if I as a student have symptoms of an acute respiratory illness?

If you have symptoms of an acute respiratory illness (especially cough, cold symptoms, fever), you are not allowed to enter theuniversity according to the current Corona control regulations. In this case, please contact your doctor by telephone. Outside office hours and on weekends you can also call the medical on-call service at 116 117 or 0800 99 00 400.

What do I do as a student when I am tested for Covid-19?

If you are going to be tested for Covid-19 or if you have been tested for Covid-19, we ask you, as a precaution, not to enter the campus until the results are known, in order to avoid further possible infections.

What do I do if I test positive for Covid-19?

If you test positive for Covid-19, please follow the instructions of your doctor or the instructions of the health authorities, especially regarding quarantining at home.

We wish you a speedy recovery. Take care of yourself and by doing so, you are also taking care of others.

Corona | FAQs

Service and administration offices opening hours in V-Building (14.07.2020)

As a student, we request that you avoid being on campus, as much as is possible. Most study/examination related issues can be dealt with by mail, telephone or online/email.

Please use the sites below and the university website as your first source of information to help answer any questions you may have.  If after looking on the website, you are still uncertain, please contact the Info-Center of the Student Counselling Centre (ZSB) (Tel.: 0651 201 2805 / or via Skype.

The general facilities are not open to the public.  The foyer of the Administration Building (V-Building) is open to drop off university related documents in the mailbox in the foyer, or if you need to access the TUKAN and TUNIKA machines.  

Please note the current opening hours of V-Building: Mon.-Fri., from 07:30 am - 6:00 pm.

Using the links below, you will find the availability and contact information for the respective office:

For prospective students

Check us out! Digital offers for prospective students [German]

You have your Abitur in your pocket or are just about to finish? Studying at the Uni is of interest for you? Despite the current restrictions, it is possible to get to know Trier University. We offer a range of digital information services and support our prospective students step-by-step in their choice of studies.

Legal regulations in the field of teaching, studies and examinations

In principle, the legal provisions, in particular the examination regulations [German] and the application/enrollment regulations [German], still apply under the current coronavirus pandemic. In the interest of the students, we work to standardize important regulations throughout the university. These regulations are published on this website.

If it is not possible to make general regulations, but rather individual case decisions are necessary, it is necessary to work towards ensuring that the discretionary scope provided in the examination regulations is used and applied according to uniform and transparent criteria in the best interest of the students, without this resulting in legal violations, in particular a violation of the principle of equal opportunities.

Guidelines of the Governing Committee (08.06.2020)

In anticipation of these decisions, the Governing Board has already adopted the following guidelines on examinations:

  • If an exam offered by Trier University, means the student can graduate (final exam), then this can be arranged where possible.
  • Important: The repetition deadlines specified in the examination regulations are suspended until 30.09.2020, i.e. students can, but do not have to, repeat an examination they did not pass in the previous semesters.
  • In order to take an exam, it is still necessary to register for the exam via Porta. Without registering, it is still not possible to take part in the examination.
  • Cancelling your registration for an exam is possible for all examinations through the period ending 30.09.2020, up to one day before the examination date.
  • If registered for an examination where cancellation (de-registering) was not done by the deadline and the exam was not taken, the corresponding examination is counted as an attempt.
  • At present, there are no plans to change the formats of examinations presented in the examination regulations. We will announce whether and in what way examinations will be conducted in the summer semester 2020 when the general measures applicable to the period after April 19, 2020 are established. This also applies to the question of conducting oral examinations via video conference.