CORONA | Information for students and prospective students

Please note: This translation is provided for information only, please refer to the German text as the official, legal version.

Impact of the corona pandemic on studying, teaching and examination activities at Trier University

(as of: March 20, 2020, 3:00 p.m.)

The current developments in the coronavirus pandemic have far-reaching consequences for teaching, studies and examinations for the summer semester 2020 at Trier University.  As a result, the start of lectures for summer semester 2020 has been postponed to April 20, 2020 (see A.1 below).  At Trier University, there are currently no examinations scheduled.  Exceptions will only be made for examinations which do not require physical on-site presence and for examinations that will conclude the degree/study programme. (For more information, see A.2 and 3 below).

This document provides you information about previous decisions made, as well as further measures likely to be necessary and guidelines to be taken into account. These decisions and measures are valid for all of Trier University.

Students of the Faculty of Law should note the guidelines on their departmental website.


Particular attention should be paid in regards to the regulations for examinations.

Decisions will be based on the regulations and procedures for examinations, however, at the same time this has to be balanced against the current situation.

Policy decisions (not individual case decisions!) may need to be modified accordingly due to the current situation. This means that once a decision has been made, no claim of principle to permanent application can be derived from it, despite a changed overall situation. Note that the fundamental principles of equal opportunities and equal treatment will always be taken into account. Due to the dynamic and everchanging situation in this pandemic, there will be further developments and modifications required in the coming days and weeks ahead. 


We are making every effort to keep you all informed on a daily basis.

It is currently not possible to answer all your questions about how the 2020 summer semester course lectures and examinations will be implemented.  Presently, we assume that even if the risk of infection is reduced over the course of spring, it is possible that attendance on campus will likely be limited. Please rest assured, that all the offices involved are making every effort to prepare suitable measures for an adequate range of teaching and study courses and to provide you with the relevant information in a timely fashion before the currently planned start of the summer semester 2020 (20.04.2020).

We are also working on a solution for cases where students need to make up a previously scheduled examination that was cancelled at the end of the 2019/20 winter semester.  There are a number of other implications that need to be taken into account, as well as coordinating with the responsible authorities.  We will inform you as soon as a suitable solution has been determined, along with the implementation plan.


Finally, one last request: please understand that staff in the departments, examination offices as well as the university administration have had to significantly reduce their on-site presence in order to protect the employees. Many services at the university had previously been moved to being accessible online, so we hope that you are able to take advantage of this fact.   Nevertheless, due to the current situation we are unable to guarantee that individual inquiries will be able to be answered. Therefore, we ask that you please first check whether you are able to find the information you are looking for on this page or on the Trier University webpage before contacting the university.  

A. Information on the current situation

1. Postponement of the start of the summer semester lecture period to 20 April 2020

According to the announcement (13.03.2020) by the Ministry of Science, Continuing Education and Culture, the start of the lecture period for the summer semester 2020 will be postponed until 20 April 2020 for all universities in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

  • However, in light of the development in surrounding countries, it is highly likely that further and potentially longer restrictions on public life will take place.  As such, regular attendance in lectures for the summer semester 2020 is rather unlikely.
  • Nevertheless, Trier University is working to enable all students to continue their academics and examinations, thereby earning their course credits. To this end, a working group has been set up to examine and, if necessary, prepare all feasible options for alternative forms of teaching (online-based courses, literature studies, etc.) in the coming weeks until April 20, 2020, which will enable students to achieve the defined learning objectives and to take the corresponding examinations.

The planned in person Orientation Day events at the start of the semester for newly enrolled/first year students will be cancelled.

  • General information on the start of the semester for first-year students, providing an initial orientation and informing them about further developments.
  • All participating departments and organizations are requested to develop alternative ways of providing information and the orientation as soon as possible, ensuring that the material is accessible.


2. Cancellation of written and oral module examinations

Due to the high risk of infection, all examinations from 16 March 2020 until 20 April 2020 are cancelled. This concerns both oral and written module final examinations.

  • For the examinations that have been cancelled in this timeframe, students do not have to cancel their registration. They are automatically cancelled by the Examination Office (HPA).
  • Only in special cases (final examination in Bachelor/Master) can examinations take place, in consultation between the examiner and candidate.
  • For examiners: if it is not possible or problems arise in regards to entering grades, please contact the responsible clerk at the university Examination Office (HPA).
  • For all subsequent examinations through 30 September 2020, students can cancel their registration and can do so up to the day before the examination. Whether examinations can be taken from 20 April, 2020 onwards will be decided shortly.

Exceptions to these cancellations are final theses (Bachelor's/Master's theses) and written papers (term papers, reports, portfolio examinations, etc.) which do not require physical attendance on the Trier University campus. These documents can be sent to the examiners or the  Examination Office (HPA) and other examination offices  by post. These can be completed in accordance with the respective examination regulations.

  • In regards to the possibility of deadline extensions, please refer to the information in point A.3 below.

Whether, when and in what way examinations will resume in the course of the 2020 summer semester cannot be predicted at this time due to the uncertainty of the situation. 

  • We ask all members of Trier University, lecturers, students and administrative staff for their understanding.

The regulations for examinations for students in the Faculty of Law, will be published separately on the Jura/Law website.


3. Deadline extensions for final theses (Bachelor/Master theses) and written papers (term papers, portfolios, reports)

Deadline extensions

All deadlines for final theses (Bachelor/Master theses) and written papers (term papers, portfolios, reports) are extended by two months from their original due date.  (For example: If the submission deadline is March 20, it will be extended to May 20, 2020)

  • This also applies to final theses/papers that are currently being assigned, i.e. where the submission deadline would have been in June, for example.
  • For Bachelor and Master theses, the new deadline can be seen in Porta for those students impacted.
  • For the term papers and portfolios, the deadline in Porta remains unchanged. Please contact your examiner for the new deadline.
  • However, students can still submit their written work at any time. Please use the postal service (mailing address: Universität Trier, 54286 Trier) to avoid entering the campus unnecessarily.


Printed version of theses

The examination regulations (PO) require that final theses (Bachelor's/Master's theses) be submitted on time, bound and in triplicate.

If it is not currently possible to bind the thesis, a printed or electronic version (PDF document), along with the inclusion of assurance that the thesis is an independent/original work (“Versicherung der selbstständigen Anfertigung etc”) as specified in the examination regulations (PO), will be accepted to ensure the thesis is submitted on time.

  • Please note, that if the submission is made electronically, a printed version must be submitted by post as soon as possible.
  • The required forms can be requested by email -> Further information is avialable on the HPA website
  • Students of the Faculty of Law should note the guidelines on their departmental website.


4. Cancellation of all university events until April 20, 2020

All university events (i.e. not only lectures!) through April 20, 2020 are cancelled.

Only in unique and justifiable individual cases, where there is a particular timely need to have an event AND the risk of infection for participants can be minimized by appropriate organizational measures, may events still be held. Please contact the respective Dean’s Office (Dekanat) to request approval from the university management.

This also expressly applies to excursions or other course events scheduled at this time.

5. Services and administration offices

Key Services

Key services for students are making every effort to maintain their operations and advisory/counselling services to the greatest extent possible.

However, the risk of infection for both students and the staff of these offices must also be considered and minimized. For this reason, these offices will provide services including direct contact services (information desks, office hours, etc.) at their own discretion and supplement their availability by increasing the number of online services, telephone and email availability, etc.

Using the links below, you will find the availability and contact information for the respective office:



B. Statutory regulations

Teaching, studies and examinations

In principle, the legal provisions, in particular the examination regulations and the application/enrollment regulations, still apply under the current coronavirus pandemic. That said, the legal provisions must be interpreted to account for the unique situation. 

In principle, the examination board is responsible for the application of the examination regulations; however, we are trying to standardize important regulations university-wide in the best interest of the students. These regulations are published on this website.

General regulations are not being made but rather but rather individual case decisions are necessary.  With this in mind, it is necessary to work towards ensuring that the discretionary scope provided in the examination regulations is used and applied according to uniform and transparent criteria in the best interest of the students, without this resulting in legal violations, in particular a violation of the principle of equal opportunities.


C. Information concerning application and studies

Opening hours and general information

  • Bis auf Weiteres sind die Service-Einrichtungen der Abteilung II für den persönlichen Publikumsverkehr geschlossen. Nur im International Office findet noch eine Notfallsprechstunde statt.
  • Unterlagen, die Sie persönlich abgeben möchten, können Sie in die Briefkästen der jeweiligen Bereiche einwerfen. Die Briefkästen werden mehrmals täglich von Mitarbeiter*innen geleert.

Veranstaltungen | Anmeldephasen für das Sommersemester 2020

  • Die zentrale zweite und dritte Anmeldephase bleiben - wie geplant.

  • Ausnahmen und Abweichungen einzelner Fächer finden Sie auf den PORTA-Infoseiten.

D. Informationen für Bewerber/-innen und Neueinschreiber/-innen

Hinweise zu Bewerbung, Zulassung und Einschreibung zum Sommersemester 2020


Das Zulassungsverfahren und die Einschreibung zum Sommersemester 2020 wird unverändert fortgeführt.

  • Unterlagen für die Einschreibung übersenden Sie bitte auf dem im Zulassungsbescheid bekannt gegebenen Weg.
  • Sofern Unterlagen für die Einschreibung nicht innerhalb der genannten Fristen in der erforderlichen Form eingereicht werden können, setzen Sie sich bitte mit dem Studierendensekretariat in Verbindung, um das Vorgehen im Einzelfall zu klären.

Doppeleinschreibung Bachelor und Master

  • Sofern Sie bis zum 31.03.2020 den Nachweis über den erfolgreichen Bachelorabschluss im Studierendensekretariat vorlegen müssen und hierfür erforderliche, im Zeitraum vom 16.03. – 31.03. angesetzte  Leistungen aufgrund der Absage der Prüfungsmöglichkeiten oder dem fehlenden Zugang zur Bibliothek (Haus- und Abschlussarbeiten) nun nicht mehr erbringen können, wird die Doppeleinschreibung um ein weiteres Semester verlängert. Bei Rückfragen wenden Sie sich an das Studierendensekretariat.
  • Gleiches gilt für die Erfüllung von Auflagen im Rahmen der Masterzulassung, die bis zum 31.03.2020 hätten erbracht werden müssen.
  • Im Falle der Verlängerung der Doppeleinschreibung läuft die BAföG-Förderung im Master weiter.

Studies and Examinations

Corona | Questions or clarification regarding your studies or examinations? Contact details

Dear students,

Due to the current situation regarding the coronavirus, please note the following:

The following administrative offices are closed for personal contact until further notice. In urgent cases you can reach them by email or telephone.

Division II (Adminstration Division) - Student Affairs

Corona | Counselling by phone / Skype

Corona | Student Counselling via Phone/ Skype

The Student Counselling Centre continues to offer students and prospective students the opportunity to ask questions about studying, choosing a course of study, changing subjects, or how to prepare for a successful start to your studies.

We can be reached by:

1. Telephone (+49 651 201 2805): for short questions and to schedule appointments from Mon - Thurs: 09:00 - 16:00, Fri 09:00 - 12:00. If you are not able to reach us immediately, we are likely with another student.  We thank you for your patience and ask that you try again later. 


2. Via Skype: for more detailed consultations during our regular consultation hours (Mon-Thu 10:00 - 11:00 and 13:30 - 14:30, Fri 10:00 - 11:00). Our Skype account is "Zentrale Studienberatung Uni Trier". After connecting with our account,  an advisor will be available for a video or audio Skype call. If you are not able to reach us immediately, we are likely with another student.  We thank you for your patience and ask that you try again later. 

Please note, we may not be able to immediately answer all your questions as we may need to consult with other colleagues and departments. 

Corona | Submission of documents (medical notes, BA/MA thesis, application, forms, etc.)

Do you have to hand in a form, document, your application documents or your BA/MA thesis?

    Please deposit your item in the appropriate mailbox.

  •         BAföG-Office, V-building, ground floor next to the lift
  •         Career Service (CS), V-Building, please use the ZSB mailbox, in the corridor on the left behind the    elevator
  •         Examination office (HPA), V-building, 1st floor
  •         International Office (IO), V-building, in the corridor on the left behind the elevator
  •         Registrar’s Office (Stusek), V-building, in front of the offices
  •         Student Counselling Centre (ZSB), V-building, in the corridor on the left behind the elevator

Continuing Education Courses

Corona | Campus of the Generations

Campus of the Generations (auditing courses) including the general Continuing Education program, is cancelled for the entire 2020 summer semester.

Further information can be found here:


Corona | Children's University (Kinder-Uni)

Unfortunately, the Children's University (Kinder-Uni) will be cancelled for the summer semester 2020.

Further information can be found on the Kinder-Uni page:

Kinder-Uni can still be reached by email.