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Examination schedules are constantly modified in response to the current situation. Please note the current information on this site.

If you have any questions, please contact the Examination office (HPA).


Message from the Chancellor on the requirement to wear masks as of 26.10.2020 (as of: 23.10.2020)

Dear university students, staff, colleagues and members of the public,

The university president wrote in his email today: "If we have to adapt to the situation, we will do so". In view of the incidence rate of infection in the City of Trier and the increasing 7-day incidence rate, Trier is implementing the requirement for face masks to be worn at adult level educational events as of Monday, 26.10.2020.

As of 26.10.2020, all participants, students and lecturers at Trier University will therefore be required to wear face masks in all courses/lectures and teaching situations.  This requirement applies for the duration of the event.

The previously existing regulations regarding the obligation to wear face masks remain unaffected (please refer to my announcement on 15.09.2020): In all Trier University buildings, a face mask covering both nose and mouth must be worn.

The face mask regulations effective from 26.10.2020 refer to the buildings and all events. The regulations do not include the wearing of masks at the workplace (offices, university library, etc.) and in the common areas as long as the physical distance regulations can be observed. Face masks are not provided by Trier University. It is the responsibility of each individual to bring and wear their own face mask upon entering the university buildings and attending events at the university.

These regulations concerning the requirement to wear face masks apply until further notice.

Please inform the departments and, if necessary, the lecturers accordingly.

The use of a face mask covering mouth and nose makes an important contribution to further minimize the risk of infection and to protect each other. I therefore urge you to comply with the obligation to wear masks in the buildings and at events at Trier University.

Yours sincerely,
Ulrike Graßnick

Updated on 26.10.2020:

Dear university students, staff, colleagues and members of the public,

In addition to my message on 23.10.2020, regarding the requirement to wear face masks (see above), I would like to provide additional clarifications. Until further notice, the obligation to wear face masks also applies in the following situations in addition to the situations already described in my message on 23.10.2020:

  • Examinations
  • Meetings
  • Committee and board meetings

Due to inquiries, I would like to add that the face mask obligation in lectures/class applies both to the participating students and to the lecturer(s).

Yours sincerely,
Ulrike Graßnick

Can I cancel my registration for current examinations? Until when? (Status: 21.09.2020)

Cancelling your registration for an exam is possible for all examinations through the period ending 30.09.2020, up to one day before the examination date. The process for cancelling your registration remains the same – via PORTA.

Please note:  If registered for an examination where cancellation (de-registering) was not done by the deadline and the exam was not taken, the corresponding examination is counted as an attempt.

Examinations can take place in compliance with the safety regulations, implementation guidelines and the corona examination regulations (20.05.2020)

If an exam offered by Trier University, means the student can graduate (final exam), then this can be arranged where possible.

  • There are currently no plans to change the examination formats as stated in the examination regulations.
  • The basic guidelines from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) must be observed when conducting examinations.
  • The specific regulations for Trier University are specified in the Corona Examination Regulations passed by the Senate on May 7, 2020. They are applicable to all students.
  • Written examinations will be conducted with forethought and care in order to guarantee students and examiners optimal conditions for the upcoming exams. Due to the resulting reduced seating capacity, the gymnasium will also be used for the large examination period from June to August.
  • Oral examinations are usually held on campus, but can - in exceptional cases - be held as video conference examinations. The basic prerequisite is that the examiner and the student agree and that the "Consent to conduct an oral videoconference examination", signed by the student, is provided to the examiner.
  • Examination details will be communicated via the faculties, departments and the responsible examination offices.
  • For all questions concerning the organisation of examinations in the Bachelor and Master programmes, please contact the Examination office (HPA).
  • Students in the Faculty of Law should contact the Examination Office of FB V, which provide the applicable regulations for law exams on their website.

For more information on examinations

Checkliste "Teilnahme an Veranstaltungen und Prüfungen" für Studierende erschienen (01.10.2020)

For participation in courses and exams, please refer to the student’s checklist . Please remember to wear your mask as required and observe the physical distance and hygiene rules!

Do I have to register for exams in which I would like to participate? (Status: 21.09.2020)

In order to take an exam, it is still necessary to register for the exam via PORTA. Without registering, it is still not possible to take part in the examination.

Who can I contact with questions about an exam? (Status: 20.04.2020)

  • If you have any questions about the format and content of your specific exam, please contact your examiner.
  • If you have general questions about the examinations for a subject, you can also consult the departmental academic advisor.
  • For all administrative questions, such as deadlines, requirements, registration/deregistration, certificates, etc., please contact your advisor in the Examination office (HPA).

Please note that in-personal office hours are currently not possible. However, university staff can be reached via telephone or e-mail.