Emergency access to library resources

Since March 20, 2020, Trier University Library has been largely closed to the public.

However, the Library has set up a number of emergency services and special arrangements in order to ensure access to necessary resources.

Loan periods

The extension of all loan periods (including that of interlibrary loans) that had been granted due to the shutdown ends on May 8, 2020. As the Library has now been reopened for borrowings and returns (Monday to Friday 10 a. m. to 3 p. m., starting from April 22), recall notifications will be emailed to users beginning from now. To better manage the return process, these notifications will be sent out within successive time slots over the next few weeks, so please do not return any media unless requested to do so. Media may be returned by mail as well (address: Universitätsbibliothek Trier – Ortsleihe –, Universitätsring 15, 54296 Trier). For any questions concerning the return of borrowed media please contact “reclamations” (Reklamationsstelle). And please note that overdue fees will again be charged if media are not returned in time.

Access to printed books

The lending of printed books has been resumed. Titles may be ordered via the reservation (“Vormerkung”) button in TRiCAT. The same procedure applies to short-term loans, whose loan periods have been temporarily extended to one week.

Users will be notified as soon as the books are ready to be picked up at the Library’s central circulation desk (Zentralschalter).

Specifically for this purpose, the Library will be open Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Please note that mouth nose covers must be worn at all times!


Media to be returned may be deposited in the Library’s central area. These media will be cleared by library staff at regular intervals. We regret that for now we are unable to issue any receipts.

For this purpose, the Library will be open Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Interlibrary loans

Interlibrary loan services (ILL) for books, which had been discontinued within the HBZ library network since March 16, 2020, are now being resumed. However, there might be a higher percentage of unfulfilled ILL orders than usual as some libraries have not yet reopened. Others have not yet returned to normal operations and are working with reduced staff; longer delivery times are to be expected. International ILL services are still discontinued. ILL services for articles have been active since May 4, 2020. Please note that ILLs on articles ordered from June 1, 2020 on can only be handed out in printed form. To login, please click here.

Access to printed articles

Printed articles from journals and collections held by the Library may be scanned by library staff and emailed to users on demand. This service is available to faculty as well as to students. For copyright reasons, it is indeed limited to articles and papers.

To order articles, please use our online form.

Electronic resources

Many electronic resources are accessible to members of the University from home. Please find further information on our check list.

Furthermore, for the time of the shutdown, the Library is providing its users with temporary access to additional electronic resources. Please consult our overview, continually updated, of new databases, e-journals, and other resources available during the corona crisis.

To order electronic resources, please contact Dr. Schwalbach or Ms. Stemmler.

Electronic course readings (Elektronische Semesterapparate)

During the current crisis, electronic course readings have become indispensable for providing students with necessary course materials. By following this link (and filling in our online order form) you may have your materials scanned by library staff and uploaded directly into your Stud.IP course file.

Media acquisition for teaching and research

Beginning from now, the Library has resumed acquiring media urgently needed for teaching and research during the coming summer semester, preferably in electronic form. Please send your suggestions to the respective subject librarian.


For any questions, please contact our reference staff, preferably by email. You may also reach us by chat (via the “live support ONLINE“ button on the Library’s homepage) or by phone (Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on 0651-201-2420).

Copyright issues in Digital Teaching

For copyright and licensing questions related to Digital Teaching, please consult the University’s information site. The handling of Creative Commons licenses is explained in an information sheet issued by the Library.