Information from the president of Trier University (17th April 2020)

Dear students, colleagues and employee,

The saying " Der Ton macht die Musik" (Setting the tone) is well known to us all. The coming weeks will continue to challenge us. If things don't go as well as they should, take the words of author Joachim Ringelnatz to heart, who recommended: "Humour is the button that prevents your collar from bursting." or humour is what keeps us from exploding.

I do not know how many times over the last while that I have had to count “21, 22, 23….” to remind myself to stay on track. Now we can finally start.

  • In the spirit of "Setting the tone" I will welcome you on Monday (20.4.) at 10 o'clock live from our small television studio in A/B building. Please use the following link. The studio will be on air from about 9.50 am with a still picture. 10 minutes later I look forward to hopefully many viewers:

  • One of the first easing of restrictions, based on the decisions of the past week -starting next Wednesday (22.04), the university library will again implement a service to borrow materials from the central library. Details will be available on the library’s homepage, likely next Monday. We ask that you please use this service in urgent cases only. The library staff look forward to helping and will certainly appreciate a kind, friendly approach to the requests. 
  • All announcements summarized in the press release of the Ministry which has just been published are or have been actioned and communicated.  It is a summary of the yesterday's teleconference with the Conference of State University Presidents. In regards to Trier University, things are well in hand.  Please see the press release below::

  • Just in time for the start of the semester, the eagerly awaited university campus license of the "Zoom" software for planning, designing and conducting your online meetings and events has been made available. You can access the Zoom video conference portal of the University of Trier at:

Registration is done via your ZIMK user data and is required if you want to create meetings and conferences yourself. Registration is not mandatory for participation in invitations. If you have created an account directly at Zoom via your university e-mail address ( prior to the provision of the campus licence, your account may be subject to other data protection regulations which do not correspond to the contract for data processing services concluded with Trier University.

Information on the software as well as further information on IT services and software for the digital summer semester 2020 for lecturers, staff and students is available from ZIMK via

Our IT managers and support team are doing an excellent job. In working to provide “bright spots” and encouragement In Taiwan, for example, everyday life is embellished by adding music to certain services, such as "For Elise" by Ludwig van Beethoven. These small interludes and positive sounds are worth considering.

  • Finally, a note on the subject of #buylocal. The Zoom campus license was purchased from California. This had to occur because unfortunately, the product was not available locally. But, as academics and as members of a university, we should now think especially about how we can support our local shops and bookstores. Prof. Swoboda from Business Administration (BWL), spoke to this today in an interview with the Trierischer Volksfreund, about how important our behaviour is and will be in this context. Our impact of buying locally and supporting our community will act as “music to the ears” of those businesses. 

See you on Monday. Until then, all the best!

Michael Jäckel