M. Sc. Silvia Selimi

Building D  Room 432
Phone: +49 (0)651 201 2074


Professional / Educational History

Since Oct. 2020
Research Assistant (PhD student), Department of Cognitive Psychology, University of Trier
Supervisors: Dr. Birte Moeller and Prof. Dr. Christian Frings

2017 – 2020
Master of Science (Psychology), Bielefeld University
Thesis Title: „When timing is everything: revision of an old paradigm measuring surprise“, Supervisors: apl. Prof. Dr. Gernot Horstmann and Prof. Dr. Werner X. Schneider, both Bielefeld University

Oct. 2019 – Mar. 2020
Internship: Unit for Neuro-cognitive Psychology, Bielefeld University

Jun. 2019 – Sep. 2019
Internship: Unit for Statistics and Methods, Bielefeld University

2014 – 2017
Bachelor of Science (Psychology), Bielefeld University

Research Interests

  • Action Control
  • Visual Attention
  • Eye-Tracking


Journal articles (peer-reviewed)

Selimi, S., Frings, C., & Moeller, B. (2022). Binding between Responses Is Not Modulated by Grouping of Response Effects. Journal of Cognition, 5, 42.

Invited Talks

Selimi, S. (2021). Binding actions – So close, it matters how far? Invited Talk at Kolloquium Allgemeine Psychologie (Unit Dignath), Tübingen University, 22.07.2021

Selimi, S. & Schmalbrock, P. (2020). Integration and Retrieval in Action Control – Binding of Stimuli and Responses? Invited Talk at Kolloquium der Neuro-Kognitiven Psychologie (Unit Schneider), Bielefeld University, 08.12.2020.

Talks / Posters

Geißler, C.F., Selimi, S., Schmalbrock, P.P., Frings, C., & Moeller, B. (2022,  Oct. 7-9). Competition Without Unbinding: Event File Interaction in Response-Response Binding [Poster]. 54th Herbsttreffen der Experimentellen Kognitiven Psychologie (HexKop) Greifswald, Germany.

Selimi, S., Frings, C. & Moeller, B. (2022, Oct. 7-9). Response-response binding with auditory stimuli [Talk]. 54th Herbsttreffen Experimentelle Kognitionspsychologie (HexKoP), Greifswald, Germany.

Selimi, S., Frings, C. & Moeller, B. (2022, Sept. 15). Hand separation furthers binding between responses [Talk]. HybridAct – Ideomotor Control in Real and Digital Worlds, virtual summer school hosted in Hagen, Germany.

Selimi, S. & Moeller, B. (2022, July 8-10). Stimulus grouping in the context of complex action control [Poster].  11. Doktorand*innenworkshop Allgemeine Psychologie (A-Dok), Bremen, Germany.

Selimi, S., & Moeller, B. (2022, March 21-23). Perceptual grouping in the context of complex action control [Talk]. 64th Tagung experimentell arbeitender Psycholog*innen (TeaP), Virtual conference hosted in Cologne, Germany.

Selimi, S., Frings, C., Moeller, B. (2021, October 8-10 ). Binding between responses is not modulated by grouping of response effects [Poster]. 53rd Herbsttreffen Experimentelle Kognitionspsychologie (HexKoP), Würzburg, Germany.

Selimi, S., Frings, C., Moeller, B. (2021, July 16-18). Hand position effects in response-response binding [Talk]. 10th Doktorand*innen-Workshop Allgemeine Psychologie (A-Dok), Würzburg, Germany.

Selimi, S., Frings, C., & Moeller, B. (2021, March 14-16). The role of distance in binding responses [Talk]. 63rd Tagung experimentell arbeitender Psycholog*innenen (TeaP), [Online conference]