CORONA I Information for employees

Which rules and regulations apply to confirmed cases, suspected cases, quarantine etc?

Which working standards need to be observed during the corona pandemic?

The employment protection officer has compiled a list of day-to-day working standards that should be implemented, referencing the latest corona protection guidelines. The working standards were developed in cooperation with the staff council. If you have any questions you can contact employment protection officer Michael Thein (theinuni-trierde), health and safety officer Laura Fabry (laura.fabrybad-gmbhde) and medical officer Judith Zielinski (judith.zielinskibad-gmbhde).

► General working standards during the corona pandemic (PDF - in German)

When can employees of Trier University get vaccinated?

All employees of Trier University - including student aides and research assistants - belong to priority group 3. Since Friday April 23rd, 2021 they can register for a vaccination appointment in Rhineland-Palatinate. At the appointment a confirmation of employment needs to be presented. The HR department will sign the printed form (see the chancellor's e-mail from April 22, 2021).

I work on campus. Are self-tests being provided?

Staff working in their department on-site can order one pack of 10 Corona self-tests between April 28 and May 5, 2021 via the following form These tests are voluntary and can be used for self-testing twice a week from May 10 until June 13, 2021. Information about the next phase of the programme will be provided in due time. If you have any questions please contact the Occupational Health and Safety Officer Mr. Thein (theinuni-trierde).

I need to leave the house for work during curfew. Where can I find the form?

In case a curfew is imposed and you are required to leave the house for work during off-times, you need to carry a form that can be presented to authorities in case of checks. The form can only be applied for by employees when justified (e. g. sovereign, official or occupational reasons that cannot be dealt with between 5:00 and 22:00, such as shift work, on-call duty, endangering research projects, imminent danger etc.). If required, please fill out the form and send it to HR. You will receive the approved form via internal mail.

What regulations apply to teleworking and overtime?

Employees may continue to telework, provided it is in consultation with and approved by their boss. This telework exception to the existing work agreement is extended until July 31, 2021. The standard working hours remain suspended. For more details on these provisions, please refer to the Chancellor's e-mail from May 12, 2021.

► Access to IT services from outside the University

I am currently working from home. Where can I find instructions on how to use IT services?

The ZIMK website provides an overview of Trier University’s IT resources.  ZIMK also provides information regarding the availability and how to access IT resources from locations outside of the university campus, for example, teleworking.  The website describes how to install the VPN client, how to set up access to group drives and other functions.

Using the link, you will also find information on how to use the video conferencing software Zoom, for which Trier University has acquired a campus licence.


Where can I find the application form to approve of events that cannot be delayed?

Curricular on-site courses can only be permitted for courses held at laboratories or in the field of nursing sciences, if practical study elements are compulsory. The hosts are responsible for executing courses adhering to the current Corona regulations.

Non-curricular on-site courses and events cannot be permitted. Exceptions need to be approved of individually by the board ( ► Application).

Where can I find support in developing digital teaching formats?

The website provides information and support services that will help you offer your course in a digital alternative format.

How can employees gain access to the buildings?

Employees of Trier University continue to have access to the buildings with their employee ID card (Dienstausweis) and PIN. You can manage your PIN via the Zeus system: The login is done based on the ZIMK user authentication. 

Please note: managing or creating your PIN in Zeus can only be done with the numbers above your keyboard, not with the numeric keypad on the keyboard’s right hand side. 

In the event of problems please contact Mr. Stefan Dietzen: dietzenuni-trierde (Sbt. IV SG 1.1) via email.

Which regulations apply to business travel?

Business trips are not permitted in general, except for trips of faculty VI to take samples. In case other business trips need to take place, the reasons for the exception have to be outlined in the application. Each application will be reviewed individually by the board.

Support for digital teaching: