Dear students and partners,

as the Covid19 pandemic constantly effects and changes the situation of our incomings students at Trier University and a lot of inforamtion is been sent by email to students and partners, we would like to give you an overview and timeline of the events.
For detailed answers to current questions we get from students, please take a look at our FAQ website for incoming exchange students.
General information on the impact of the Covid 19 on Trier University can be found on the website.

Update from 17 November 2020

Email sent to our partner universities (current situation and plans for summer semester 21/winter semester 21/22):
Dear Partners,

We are sending this E-Mail to all of you to clarify Trier University´s strategy in the presence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you are not the right person to receive this, please assign this to the appropriate party.

For the Winter Semester 2020/21, Trier University had prepared a “hybrid” approach to teaching with a mix of on-site and online courses. However, since November 2nd,  Germany has been put under a moderate confinement and following the decisions of the government all university courses at Trier University have been transferred to full online courses, with exception of a few particular courses.
All university buildings are still accessible to a certain agree. This applies to the university cafeteria and the library as well.

Unfortunately we do not know when the measures might be lifted. Consequently, we do not know for sure under which conditions the following semester will be held.

Nonetheless, our International Office stays committed to welcome international exchange students at Trier University! We want to give you an outlook on what to expect in the coming months.

Summer Semester 2021

For Summer Semester 21 we are hoping to offer a mix of online courses, on-site courses and blended teaching courses (both online and on-site). Online courses will partly be synchronous, partly asynchronous.

Incoming students are welcome to:
1)    spend their mobility in Trier and attend all types of courses (online, on-site and blended). On-site courses will have a strict limitation of seats available. (hybrid semester).
2)    attend only the courses offered online and stay in their home country. On-site courses will not be offered online additionally.

Home universities should announce their nominees for the following Summer Semester to Trier University till 15 December 2020.

15 January 2021 is the deadline for returning the application, the housing request form and the application for the German language course.

Winter Semester 2021 – 2022

For Winter Semester 21/22: Trier University hopes to offer all courses on campus again, if this is possible. However this still needs to be confirmed.

Special Conditions

All students should be aware of the specific conditions which apply for being on campus and staying in Germany. Strict social distancing rules might be in effect not only in the university’s buildings, but also in the affiliated dormitories, as well as in public. Blended or distance learning is to be expected. At the moment we are unable to corroborate the constraints under which the upcoming semesters will start. Teaching modalities may change during the semester on short notice.

Our introductory seminar and the intensive German course will be offered online.

We recognize that keeping international exchange alive may be a prolonged effort, but let us assure you of our commitment do so! Furthermore, let us express our sincere thanks to you for your ongoing support and dedication during this challenging time.

We are all in this together and we will get through it together!


Update from 12 November 2020

Email sent to all currently enrolled exchange students present at Trier University:

Dear students,

we would like to inform you about the new Corona regulations of the state Rhineland-Palatinate which are valid from 9 November 2020 onwards.  
This also relates to the arrival and quarantine rules for international students. If you have not yet arrived in Trier or if you are planning to travel to your home country during the semester, please take note of these new rules:

For exchange or degree students arriving from a risk region (see list by RKI), it is imperative that you
-    register your arrival digitally in advance ( The registration will be immediately forwarded to the local health department
-    quarantine yourselves for 10 days
You can avoid the quarantine by providing a test which states that you have been tested negative. The result must not be older than 48 hours at the time of arrival. Furthermore, it needs to meet the requirements of the RKI and must be issued in German or English or French. You need to keep and be able to give verification of the test results for ten days.
In case you present any Corona symptoms within 10 days after your arrival – even when you have a negative test result - you need to report to the local health department immediately.
These regulations apply to every international student who is staying in Germany for at least 3 months.
Cross-border commuters can enter Germany without quarantine measures. You are a cross-border commuter, if you have your residence in a risk region (not in Rhineland-Palatinate/ Trier) and travel to Trier for purposes of study. Moreover, you need to return to your residence regularly, at least once a week.


Update from 30 October 2020

Online information session for exchange students on the current Covid19 situation in Germany, Trier and on campus