What international students and scholars say about Trier University

Best place for personal and professional development

“I came to Trier University as an Erasmus exchange student in 2013. Just after my first stay I knew: I will finish my bachelor in Romania and then be back in Trier for the master. Now I am here again – the best decision for my personal and professional development."

Melina Andronie, master student in Psychology from Romania

Trier University made me a better person in life

Trier University made me a better person in life

"Trier became my second home. I would miss Trier like I would miss my hometown Hyderabad in India. If there is any chance, I would like to live here for as long as I can. Trier has given me great friends, education and made me a better person in life. Thank You - Danke - namaste!"

Kartik Mokrala, master student in Environmental Sciences

Gaining fresh ideas for independent research

"Germany was my first choice − after all, it is a leader in the field of digital humanities. The Trier Center for Digital Humanities gives me the opportunity to pursue my project of creating a digital edition of Giacomo Leopardi’s Zibaldone. The workshops have taught me how to use the technology, and the interdisciplinary environment has enriched my research. I exchange ideas with philologists, computer linguists and computer scientists, and this often gives me new ideas for my own work. Some of the collaboration will surely be long-term. Thanks to the International Office and Romance Studies, I also quickly found contacts outside the department."

Dr. Silvia Stoyanova, Princeton University (USA), postdoc at the Trier Center for Digital Humanities

Learning from renowned professors

"I am working on a doctorate in the Management Department at Trier University. Many professors with impressive credentials and scholarly expertise do research here. I want to learn from them. I have already had the chance to take part in conferences and colloquia, and the discussions really help me progress in my own research. In the meantime, I feel quite at home in Trier. The university organises things like hikes and city tours for doctorate students. Not only do we get to know each other, but we also learn something about German culture. Settling in was not difficult."

Xi Guoqian, doctoral candidate in Business Administration from China

Ideal for humanities scholars

"During my Habilitation I conducted research at Trier University on a grant from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. Since then, it has been a pleasure to return again and again for short stays as a visiting scholar. I study the German Enlightenment and Kantian philosophy. I wanted to come to Trier because the university is internationally known for its scholarship in this area. My high expectations were met: I made plenty of academic contacts, and was able to do extensive research in the outstanding philosophy section of the university library. Since Trier is a campus university, everything can be reached on foot − that was a pleasant surprise for someone from Moscow like me!"

Prof. Dr. Alexei Krouglov, guest scholar from the Russian State University for the Humanities/Moscow (RSUH) in Philosophy