Department News:

Teaching award

Christian Frings has won an internal teaching award for the lecture VERSUCHSPLANUNG (Methodology II) in the winter semester 20/21 awarded by the student council of psychology!


09.04.2021 Successful PhD thesis defence

Successful PhD thesis defence

We are proud to announce the successful disputation of our colleague Lars-Michael Schöpper. He has successfully defended his PhD thesis titled “The boundaries of binding: About the absence and occurrence of binding effects in action control”, supervised by Prof. Dr. Christian Frings, University of Trier, and Prof. Dr. Markus Lappe, University of Münster.

Due to the special situation regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, the disputation took place as a video conference with his supervisors as well as Prof. Dr. Jan Hofer, University of Trier, as a member of the PhD Admissions Committee.

Congratulations Lars!

06.11.2020 EmPra-Kongress 2020

On 06.11.2020, the 28th Trier EmPra Congress, for the first time in digital form, took place.

The following posters won at the EmPra Congress 2020:

1st prize:
Poster 19 - Ich bin meine erste Priorität: Untersuchung der Lokalisation selbstrelevanter Reize
Authors: Begemann, Marilena & Kirmse, Rosemarie
Lecturer: Dr. Sarah Schäfer, Department of General Psychology and Methodology, Prof. Dr. Christian Frings

2nd. prize:
Poster 11 -Warum Limits nicht immer zielführend sind: Der Limit Violation Effekt bei Zigarettenkonsum
Authors: Bauer, Clemens; Dyck, Jennifer; Staudt, Kevin & Tollmann, Leonie
Lecturer: Brian Schwartz, Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Lutz

3rd prize:
Poster 21 -The Binding Self: Integrating Information Through Self-Association
Authors: Haumann, Eva; Ihli, Anaïs; Kunz, Jonas; Omeirat, Hassan und Tsesis, Natalie
Lecturer: Dr. Sarah Schäfer, Department of General Psychology and Methodology, Prof. Dr. Christian Frings


21.10.2020 Award for outstanding doctorate – Dr. Simon Merz

We are proud to announce that Dr. Simon Merz is one of the award recipients for his outstanding doctorate at the University of Trier. In his dissertation, he investigated the cognitive mechanisms underlying the perception and processing of the spatial location of objects. Title: "When the (irrelevant) location matters: An investigation in the processing of vision and touch."

Klick here for the full press release.

Congratulations Simon!