M. Sc. Silvia Selimi

Building D  Room 432
Phone: +49 (0)651 201 2074


Professional / Educational History

Since Oct. 2020
Research Assistant (PhD student), Department of Cognitive Psychology, University of Trier
Supervisors: Dr. Birte Moeller and Prof. Dr. Christian Frings

2017 – 2020
Master of Science (Psychology), Bielefeld University
Thesis Title: „When timing is everything: revision of an old paradigm measuring surprise“, Supervisors: apl. Prof. Dr. Gernot Horstmann and Prof. Dr. Werner X. Schneider, both Bielefeld University

Oct. 2019 – Mar. 2020
Internship: Unit for Neuro-cognitive Psychology, Bielefeld University

Jun. 2019 – Sep. 2019
Internship: Unit for Statistics and Methods, Bielefeld University

2014 – 2017
Bachelor of Science (Psychology), Bielefeld University

Research Interests

  • Action Control
  • Visual Attention
  • Eye-Tracking
  • Metacognition
  • Surprise and Expectation Strength


Journal articles (peer-reviewed)

Selimi, S., Frings, C., & Moeller, B. (2022). Binding between Responses Is Not Modulated by Grouping of Response Effects. Journal of Cognition, 5. 42.

Invited Talks

Selimi, S. (2021). Binding actions – So close, it matters how far? Invited Talk at Kolloquium Allgemeine Psychologie (Unit Dignath), Tübingen University, 22.07.2021

Selimi, S. & Schmalbrock, P. (2020). Integration and Retrieval in Action Control – Binding of Stimuli and Responses? Invited Talk at Kolloquium der Neuro-Kognitiven Psychologie (Unit Schneider), Bielefeld University, 08.12.2020.

Talks / Posters

Selimi, S. & Moeller, B. (2022, July 8-10). Stimulus grouping in the context of complex action control [Poster].  11. Doktorand*innenworkshop Allgemeine Psychologie (A-Dok), Bremen, Germany.

Selimi, S., & Moeller, B. (2022, March 21-23). Perceptual grouping in the context of complex action control [Talk]. 64th Tagung experimentell arbeitender Psycholog*innen (TeaP), Virtual conference hosted in Cologne, Germany.

Selimi, S., Frings, C., Moeller, B. (2021). Binding between responses is not modulated by grouping of response effects. Poster session presented at the 53rd Herbsttreffen Experimentelle Kognitionspsychologie (HexKoP), October 08th -10th, Würzburg, Germany.

Selimi, S., Frings, C., Moeller, B. (2021). Hand position effects in response-response binding. Talk at the 10thDoktoranden-Workshop Allgemeine Psychologie (A-Dok), July 16th – 18th, Würzburg, Germany.

Selimi, S., Frings, C., & Moeller, B. (2021). The role of distance in binding responses. Talk at the 63rd Tagung experimentell arbeitender Psychologen (TeaP), March 14th. - 16th., [Online conference]