ALOP-Kolloquium: Optimal control of a non-smooth semi-linear elliptic equation

Im Rahmen des Kolloquiums des Graduiertenkollegs Algorithmic Optimization findet am

Montag, dem 6.Mai 2019
16:00 Uhr c.t.
Hörsaal 9

folgender Vortrag statt:

Optimal control of a non-smooth semi-linear elliptic equation
Prof. Dr. Christian Meyer, TU Dortmund

The talk is concerned with an optimal control problem governed by a non-smooth semilinear elliptic equation. It is shown that the control-to-state mapping is directionally differentiable and we precisely characterize its Bouligand subdifferential. By means of a suitable regularization, first-order optimality conditions including an adjoint equation are derived and afterwards interpreted in light of the previously obtained characterization. In addition, the directional derivative of the control-to-state mapping is used to establish strong stationarity conditions. While the latter conditions are shown to be stronger, numerical examples demonstrate that the former conditions are amenable to numerical solution using a semi-smooth Newton method.


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