Call for Papers

“Back to normal?” Or is there a “new normal” in EU Economic Policies and Governance?

International Workshop:  22-23 September 2022, Trier University, Germany

The European Union’s internal economic policies and governance and its foreign economic policies underwent profound changes during the last 15 years in order to face a series of crises since the start of the global financial crisis in 2007. The Union developed and used exceptional measures and unconventional instruments to face the Eurocrisis and the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, ranging from unconventional monetary policy instruments to the suspension of fiscal and state aid rules and temporary instruments of debt financed investment programmes (Next Generation EU). Its foreign economic policies, too, are characterized by a series of new challenges and new and reformed instruments developed (e.g. trade defence instruments, investment screening) to face rising tensions in trade and investment relations, the erosion of the WTO’s multilateral trade regime and the geopoliticisation of foreign economic relations.

Against this background, the interdisciplinary Centre for European Studies plans to organise an international workshop dealing with the question as to whether there are ways “back to normal” in key EU economic policy fields. Or did the succession of interrelated crises during the last 15 years and economic change dynamics rather add up to a profound and durable change of context conditions and challenges and lead to innovations and a durable changes of policies and governance frameworks, that is a “new normal” in economic policies and governance?

We invite papers engaging with this debate on a return to “normal” or the emergence of a “new normal” dealing with political, economic, and legal aspects of key economic policy fields: monetary policy; fiscal policy and fiscal governance framework, Next Generation EU, competition policy, industrial policy activism and foreign economic policy.

We consider to submit a bid for a journal special issue on the topic.

Please submit your proposals (title and a 250-400 word abstract) by 15 May 2022 to

Trier University will cover reasonable travel expenses, hotel and meals. The funding is mainly provided by the Stiftung Mercator.

Yours sincerely,

Professor Dr. Christian Bauer, Trier University (Economics)
Professor Dr. Joachim Schild, Trier University (Political Science)