Workpackage 5: Data Quality


EU regulations 1177/2003 and 28/2004 describe the quality reporting of EU-SILC and the Laeken indicators as to be performed by the member states within the ESS. Since EU-SILC is newly set-up, implementation details of the different EU surveys are needed to be known for building an appropriate methodology which takes into consideration possible peculiarities of data and other concerns from praxis.

 The aim of the work package consists of two issues:

  1. Collecting metadata and quality information of the EU-SILC Laeken indicators including survey designs of the participating NSIs;

  2. Further, possible peculiarities of data and procedures will be investigated as possible input for the simulation study.

Beside the internal (NSI) published standard quality reports, the quality information published for the end-user will be analysed. Recommendations will be given how the overall quality of the indicators can be assessed by the user.