Workpackage 7: Analysis


The simulation will provide a large source for analysis of the impact of different situations on dif-ferent procedures. Distributions and in particular bias and variance of the procedures are the main output of the simulations. These vary according to the parameters and populations of the simulation bed. The work package Analysis shall analyse these results, synthesise them by graphical and statistical means and evaluate the procedures and measures of the study. The findings shall be presented and discussed in the light of the theoretical properties elaborated by the work packages Estimation, Robustness and Variance Estimation. Recommendations for the use of the procedures and quality measures based on the results of the simulation shall be for-mulated.

The analysis will consider two directions:

  1. Improvement of the Laeken methodology with regards to practical needs;
  2. Serving for methodological aspects to be considered for policy making.


The analysis will also consider possible recommendations for other than Laeken indicators in connection with WPs 2 to 4.