Workpackage 9: Support for Policy


The work package will summarize policy needs as input for the methodological work within AMELI. This will allow investigating appropriate methodological recommendations that allow measuring what is to be measured within the area of social cohesion.

The work will be split into two phases:

Phase I will give an overview of policy needs. The target of measuring social cohesion by the Laeken indicators will be analysed in detail and the policy needs will be transferred into statistical objectives. Areas of problems concerning these statistical objectives by using Laeken indicators will be mapped in a user-friendly way.

Phase II will give in close cooperation with political intermediates like the indicators Sub-Group of the Social Protection Committee, recommendations concerning indicators use and assessment. The indicators users have to be sensitized for the quality, robustness and significance of the indi-cators. Thereby, graphical tools will facilitate this target.

An dialogue with policy makers and the Commission Services is foreseen to support the research of AMELI.