WP1: Defining the Knowledge-Based Economy

WP1 spans both indicators and policy. The first phase will develop a theoretical framework for the project, building on previous research, in order to idenify the main characteristics and rivers of a KBE for all economic sectors: high technology manufacturing, low and medium echnology manufacturing, private services, and public services. The second phase will identify forward-looking policies that can promote a knowledge economy, meet other European goals, and adjust for new social and technological developments. The final phase will combine indicator and policy analysis through a series of short (less than five years) and mid-term (five to ten year) scenarios to evaluate the impacts of alternative policies on indicator outcomes.


 Deliverables for WP1

Deliverable 1.1: State-of-the-Art on the Knowledge-Based Economy
Deliverable 1.2: Future Challenges for a Knowledge-Based Economy
Deliverable 1.3: Policies for a Knowledge-Based Economy
Deliverable 1.3a: Indicators for a KBE: Interviews with policy analysts
Deliverable 1.4: Policy Scenarios
Deliverable 1.4a: Policy Scenarios: Supply of scientists and engineers
Deliverable 1.4b: Policy Scenarios: Environmental innovation
Deliverable 1.4c: Policy Scenarios: Demand for innovation
Deliverable 1.5: Defining the Knowledge-BasedEconomy: Final Synthesis Report