WP4: The Way Forward: Innovative Use of KBE Indicators

WP4 focuses on the innovative use of indicators, either through finding solutions to missing indicators or identifying indicators that can meet future needs. When no indicators are available, WP4 will identify proxy indicators, alternatives such as new ways of analysing existing survey data, or develop new survey questions. WP4 will identify long-term indicators that measure fundamental inputs into a knowledge economy, such as some education indicators, and identify possible developments (either technological or social) within a knowledge economy that will require new or improved indicators in the short-term future. This may require changes to some indicators or the identification of alternative indicators that can cover future data needs.

Deliverables for WP4

Deliverable 4.1: State-of-the-Art Report on Developing New KBE Indicators

Deliverable 4.2: Solutions for Missing Indicators

Deliverable 4.4: Summary Report on the Way Forward: Innovative Use of KBE Indicators

for Deliverable 4.3 see WP5 Deliverable 5.7