Risto Lehtonen

Risto Lehtonen is Professor of Statistics at the University of Helsinki, Department of Mathematics and Statistics. His main scientific research is in survey sampling, small area estimation and the analysis of complex survey data. Mr Lehtonen carried out for the  account of Eurostat a research project on “Development and Evaluation of a Practical System of Model-based Small Area Estimation” in 1999-2000. He has been involved in two other related EU FP5 projects, namely on “Enhancing small area estimation techniques to meet European needs” (EURAREA, 2001-2004) and “The change from input harmonisation  to expost harmonisation of national samples of the European Community household panel” (CHINTEX, 2000-2002). He has continued his involvement at Statistics Finland as scientific adviser and a member of the scientific board. He works part-time as Research Professor at  the Social Insurance Institution of Finland. Prof. Lehtonen leads a research group on design-based estimation for domains and small areas. Prof. Risto Lehtonen has written textbooks on statistics and survey sampling and published several papers on survey sampling and small area estimation.