Venue and Aim of the colloquium


Venue of the colloquium

The colloquium will take place on board of a ship as a Rhine river cruise. The cruise will start in Mainz on 22nd  June 2009 at 9.30h. The first night including conference dinner will be in Koblenz.

On the second day the cruise will be continued until Cologne where a farewell party will take place. It is intended to organize the stays in one or very few hotels close to the landing places of the ship.


Aim of the colloquium

The European group EWORSAE was installed in 2006 to support European activities in small area statistics. This group of researchers is rapidly growing as the interest in small area statistics in general. The next international conference on small area statistics, SAE2009, will take place in Alicante, Spain, starting on 29. June 2009. The RRC09 complements the SAE2009 with a different design.

The main emphasis of the meeting is to offer longer presentations from international top-level speakers with detailed discussions in specific and important areas from theory and applications in small area statistics (approx. 60-90 minute slots). Further, specific poster sessions in the late afternoons will perfect the discussion atmosphere between high-level experts, experienced and young researchers.


Programme of the colloquium

The programme consists of two days invited presentations with extended time for the presentations and discussions in order to best present recent developments and important facets of modern small area estimation methodology. The list of invited speakers are top-level experts in small area statistics covering all important aspects of latest developments and important applications in the given research area. Further, each late afternoon, a poster session organized as wine reception will enrich the conference programme with contributions from researchers in the given research field with the intension of foster good discussions between presenters, world leading experts and young researchers in the small area community. During the first poster session, a best poster award for young researchers will take place.