Airport Luxemburg (Lux-Airport):

Official website of the Lux-Airport .

Distance to Trier: 44 Km
Airport Code: LUX

How to come to Trier:


  • by bus and train
  1. You will have to go by bus from the airport to the central station of Luxemburg.(1,50 €)
    Schedule: from 5:24 a.m. to 0:06 p.m.(every 10 minutes)
  2. At the Central Station of Luxemburg (Gare Centrale) you can take a train to Trier.(every 10 minutes)
    Schedule: from 5:15 a.m. to 23:45 p.m.
  3. From Trier central railway station you go by bus to the University, best No. 3 which runs every 10 minutes
    (one bus ticket is about 2,50 €).

For any further information about schedules regarding the public transport in Luxembourg please follow this link [] or [Lux-Airport].

  • by taxi

You can also take a taxi from Luxembourg airport to Trier which should cost about 60 €. The taxi can be ordered from Germany which is cheaper than taking a Luxembourgian taxi.[here]