European Master in Official Statistics

The European Master in Official Statistics (EMOS) was launched by Eurostat (ESTAT EMOS) and the European Statistical System (ESS) in 2014 to connect producers of official statistics and academia at European level. As a joint project of universities and data producers, EMOS aims at including official statistics in statistical curricula, meeting training and recruitment needs in the ESS and constituting a future recruitment pool of highly educated professional statisticians for the ESS and the European System of Central Banks (ESCB).

EMOS is a label awarded by the European Statistical System Committee (ESSC) for four years, renewable upon continued fulfilment of EMOS requirements. In the EMOS governance structure ESSC is the highest decision making body awarding the EMOS label to the Master programmes and appointing members to the EMOS Board. The Board assists the ESSC in developing the project, especially in awarding the EMOS label and in quality monitoring of the EMOS Master programmes. The EMOS Board is chaired by Eurostat and consists of 14 members representing both universities and producers of official statistics.

After two calls for applications, the EMOS network comprises 23 programmes in 15 countries and collaborating partners in statistical offices. The network builds on existing and nationally accredited Master programmes which, in line with the EMOS learning outcomes (Annex 1), familiarise the graduates with the system of official statistics, production models, statistical methods and dissemination. EMOS labelled Master programmes also collaborate actively with the National Statistical Institutes or other producers of official statistics for relevant master thesis topics and internships in the sphere of official statistics. Partners in the EMOS network benefit from each other's experiences and can develop deeper cooperation, e.g. joint degrees or exchange of students. Study visits to Eurostat are considered attractive by the students and EMOS summers schools and webinars offer a relevant mix of skills and knowledge for tomorrow’s official statisticians.