Conference: "Confidentiality in a Digital World - a Contradiction in Terms?" – 5 and 6 May 2023

The continuous, unceasing, all-embracing digital progress brings about new concerns for confidentiality, data secrecy and security of information. Under the general topic “confidentiality in a digital world” JProf Dr Lea Katharina Kumkar (University of Trier) and Prof Dr Wiebke Voß (University of Würzburg) will host an international conference to fathom the role of law in ensuring, contriving, and not least balancing confidentiality against the ever-present trend towards transparency. 

By assembling researchers from wide parts of Europe and providing a forum to discuss the challenges of guaranteeing privacy in the digital era, the conference aims at interlinking the diverging national debates, particularly with a view to the common European background.

The event also envisages to interconnect early career researchers (mostly postdocs and junior professors) from various subdisciplines of private, procedural, and constitutional law, with the objective of tying together related debates that are (too) often viewed in isolation.

Confidentiality in a Digital World
Photo: Scott Graham

Dates and Location

The jointly hosted event is to take place in Trier on 5 and 6 May 2023.

You can download the program here.