ELC lecture Ekaterina Tsvetkova 28 April 2021 4 pm s.t.

Ekaterina Tsvetkova (PhD student of Prof. Dr. Sabine Arndt-Lappe)

Use of that-clauses by learners of English

In this talk Ms Tsvetkova is going to speak about corpus findings about that use and omission in EFL learners’ written speech and the factors which influence learners’ choices. She will present the results and analyse the possible tendencies in different types of subordinate clauses with that. The study is based on the data from ICLE version 3 corpus.

28 April 2021, 4 pm (s.t.)

The talk will take place on Zoom:


Meeting ID: 818 9847 5759

Passcode: ELCs2021

Contact: Ms Tammy Ganster M.A. (E-Mail: gansteruni-trierde)