Tara M. Partetzke, M.Sc

PhD Candidate

Curriculum Vitae

2020-2021Research Assistant in the C:APS project (Curriculum: Targeted Practical Instruction for Students), Trier University

Research Assistant in Nursing Science, Trier University

since 2019

Deputy Chair of the Doctoral Students' Assembly, Trier University

since 2018

Representative of the Doctoral Students of the Department I, Trier University

since 2018Research Assistant at the Graduate Center, Trier University
2018-2020 Research Assistant in the DFG project DataWiz; Leibniz Center for Psychological Information and Documentation (ZPID), Trier University
2017-2018Fellow Supported by the research initiative of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate with a short-term Scholarship for Entry into Doctoral studies
since 2017

Doctoral Student in the Department of Health Psychology, Trier University 

2016-2020Research Assistant in the FActS (Fear of Activity in Situations) Study, Trier University
2015-2017Master of Science Psychology, Trier University
2015-2016Continuing Education Seminar: Autogenic Training and Progressive Relaxation, Trier University
2011-2014Bachelor of Science Psychologiy, Trier University