Mathematics: a key technology in our everyday lives

Mathematics is the foundation of all the technology without which our modern lives would be
unthinkable: safe internet communication; mobile phone applications; MP3-players; GPS systems; medical imaging and computer tomography; modern banking, finance and insurance industry; efficient production planning; optimal constructions in the automotive and airplane industries, and many more.

In spite of its long history, mathematics is a highly modern science with a huge impact on our everyday lives. Mathematicians develop models of real world situations and develop mathematical methods to solve real world problems which is only possible through a thorough understanding of the underlying structures. In this respect, theoretical and applied mathematics mutually interact and enrich each other.

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About our course of Studies

The Department of Mathematics in Trier offers the following study programs:

We provide a solid basic training in mathematics and the possibility to specialize in the fields of: Applied Analysis,Numerical Analysis, Mathematical Optimization/Operations Research and Statistics/Probability Theory.

We offer excellent study conditions with small classes, a low studentprofessor-ratio, and very good supervision in a friendly and personal atmosphere.