Study programs

The educational concept of Trier Mathematics is based on intensive personal communication between teachers and students. The very good student support has been positively highlighted in a whole series of evaluations. We offer the following courses of study:

BSc/MSc Business Mathematics


The two bachelor's and master's degree programs in business mathematics at the University of Trier combine content from application-oriented mathematics and economics. Since business mathematics have to be adaptable with regard to new professional developments, the education is designed for a broad teaching of the basics of application-oriented mathematics without too early specialization.

The inclusion of the subjects of business administration, economics and computer science in accordance with an integrated study concept is a characteristic and central feature of the course, although the emphasis is on the mathematics side.

As the positive experiences clearly show, this combination meets the diverse requirements of today's professional practice.



BEd/MEd Mathematics for teaching


The B.Ed./M.Ed. programs in Mathematics for the Teaching Profession at Grammar Schools and Teaching Profession at Secondary Schools plus are programs designed on the basis of the Curricular Standards for the subject Mathematics. Starting in the winter semester 2020/2021, it will also be possible to choose mathematics as the first or second subject in primary school education.
In addition to a further subject from the spectrum of teacher training subjects at the University of Trier, an educational science program is integrated into the curriculum, and the teacher training program also includes a subject didactics component in both subjects. The Rhineland-Palatinate reform model provides for the expansion and early integration of educational science, subject didactics and practical school studies in teacher training in order to prepare teachers for their profession.

The scientific part of the three-year bachelor's program covers the mathematical fundamentals in pure and applied mathematics required for the teaching profession. The teaching of the basic subject knowledge is closely linked to the subject didactics. The establishment of small practice, tutorial and internship groups is a central feature in the implementation of the training concept.

With a suitable choice of modules in the teaching degree program, a bachelor's degree in mathematics can be realized in parallel. For more information, please contact the student advisor.

The subject-specific part of the one or two-year master's section serves both to deepen the theoretical knowledge acquired in the bachelor's program and, in particular, to expand skills in dealing with methods and techniques of practical mathematics. Here, the overall profile of the Department of Mathematics at Trier University is also expressed.

MSc Data Science

Graduates of the bachelor's degree programs in mathematics and business mathematics can also apply for the interdisciplinary master's degree program in data science.

Detailed information about the Data Science program.


BSc/MSc Mathematics



The Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in Mathematics (until the start of studies in 2020 and 2021, respectively, in Applied Mathematics) at Trier University are core subject programs with a specific focus on the disciplines of application-oriented mathematics. Although mathematics makes up the major part of the program, in accordance with our integrated approach, the inclusion of one of the application areas of business administration, economics, sociology, computer science, or earth sciences is a distinguishing feature of this program. In the Master's program, any (other) subject offered at the University of Trier can be taken as part of the free elective area. The excellent career prospects of our graduates prove that this program meets the practical requirements for a modern professional image of mathematicians in many ways.

In addition, we also offer the bachelor's degree in mathematics and the master's degree in applied mathematics as a minor. These courses can be combined with any major subject.



Study plans, modules and examination regulations.

For questions regarding the course of studies and examination regulations, please contact the departmental student advisor, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Müller, for questions regarding examinations or the recognition of examination achievements, please contact the chairman of the examination board, Prof. Dr. Lutz Mattner, or the respective secretariats.


Subject advisory service

Prof. Dr.  Jürgen Müller
Room: E224
Consultation-hour: Di, 10 - 11.30 Uhr, Fr 10 -11.30 Uhr
Tel.: +49 651 201-3490
Fax: +49 651 201-3961

Mathematics student council


Here you will find information about our student council, its work, as well as current notes and photos.

Our student council is also represented on Facebook.



You are a student and interested in studying mathematics in Trier?

If you are a high school student interested in studying mathematics at the University of Trier, we offer you a whole range of information on our web pages.


  • Probably the easiest way to get an impression of the everyday life of a mathematics student at Trier University is the Studying for a Day program.
  • The Ada Lovelace Project is aimed specifically at schoolgirls who are interested in scientific and technical issues.
  • In addition, our study advisor is available as your personal contact and will be happy to help you out with any questions you may have about studying mathematics in Trier.
  • You can find more information about our study programs here.

  • The Math Ambassadors offer school classes the opportunity to get a glimpse into the study of mathematics by visiting your school. More information can be found on the Math Ambassadors' website and Instagram profile.


The PC-Pool E9 with Linux computers is freely available to the students of mathematics. Only a user ID is necessary, which you can apply for at the EDV (edvmatheuni-trierde).