Publication of papers presented during the summer term lecture series "Connecting the Ancient World"

The importance of Trier as a centre of cutting-edge research on ancient seafaring and the ancient Mediterranean economy was further established by a public lecture series held in the summer term of 2014 - „Connecting the Ancient World – Mediterranean Shipping, Maritime Networks and their Impact“.

This lecture series was successful in casting a wider glance on different aspects of both technological history of seafaring and the on-going scholarly discussion on the nature and dimensions of ancient trade. Furthermore, questions on the performance of ancient vessels were combined with research into the importance of maritime trade for the overall connectivity of the ancient Mediterranean. The lecture series brought together a veritable „Who’s Who“ of international experts and leading researchers from all over the world and dealt with subjects ranging from maritime trade, the importance of river routes, the nature and potential of ancient maritime trade routes to the sailing performance of ancient vessels. The spirit of collaboration and frank exchange resulting from the lecture series forms the basis for further scientific cooperation for this highly qualified network.

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A publication of papers presented during the summer term lecture series will follow in the course of 2015 !