Course program at Trier University

Outgoing MEST students are supposed to achieve 10 ECTS at Trier University. The following table shows a general overview for the teaching areas available for MEST students.


Business Administration (BWL): Personalpolitik / Human Resources Management / Comparative Industrial Relations

Prof. Goerke

Prof. Muehlfeld

Prof. Lorenz

Economics (VWL): Arbeitsmarktökonomik/ Arbeits- und Gesundheitsökonomik/ Sozialpolitik

Prof. Matschke

Prof. Dallinger

Sociology (Soziologie): Arbeits- und Organisationssoziologie/ Sozialpolitik

Prof. Maurer




Relevant courses

 The following tables gives an overview of the possible courses at Trier University.

Subject AreaCourse TitleProfessorLanguageECTSTerm
Business Administration (BWL)


Organizing Work and Employment Contracts

Arbeit und Organisation in der Wissensökonomie (Organizing Work in the Knowledge Economy)


Organization Theory and Design

Two lectures have to be chosen

Prof. Dr. Muehlfeld/ Prof. Dr. GoerkeGerman/ English10Winter term


Theory/Research Seminar: International HRM and Comparative Industrial Relations AND

Case Study Seminar: International HRM and Comparative Industrial Relations
Prof. Dr. MuehlfeldEnglish


10Summer term


European Labour Studies I: Topics in Personnel Economics AND

European Labour Studies II: Research seminar Personnel Economics

Prof. Dr. Goerke

English10Summer term


Research Seminar: Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management AND

Case Study Seminar: Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management
Prof. Dr. Block


10Summer term
Economics (VWL)
 Ökonomik des WohlfahrtsstaatesProf. Dr. LorenzGerman10Summer term
 Economics of European Integration: European and World TradeProf. Dr. MatschkeEnglish10Summer term
Sociology (Soziologie)

Sozialpolitik und Ungleichheit

Sozialpolitik und Ungleichheit I

Sozialpolitik und Ungleichheit II

Prof. Dr. DallingerGerman10Summer term / Winter term

Institutionen der Wirtschaft

Institutionen der Wirtschaft I

Institutionen der modernen Arbeitsgesellschaft


Prof. Dr. MaurerGerman10Summer term