The programme “Master Européen en Sciences du Travail” (MEST) (also referred to as: European Master in Labour Studies – EMLS) encourages students of different majors (Business Administration, Economics, Sociology) to embrace economic, sociological, and political knowledge. Students will qualify for a professional career in multinational companies, international and European organisations and as well as for political consulting.

The study programmes of economic and social sciences in Trier are characterized by their interdisciplinary and European orientation. Our MEST-curriculum reflects this tradition, too. Its focus lies on subjects relevant for Business Administration, Economics and Economic Sociology. In particular, topics like comparisons of employment systems (labour law and collective labour relations), employment policies and training systems as well as social security in Europe and employment and social policies in the European Union are covered. For that reason, MEST-students in Trier benefit from a variety of master courses (e.g., “International HRM and Comparative Industrial Relations”, “Political Economics”)

For outgoing students the programme consists of two periods of which the first takes place in Trier and the second abroad. Firstly, outgoing MEST-students undertake courses to deepen their knowledge in subject-related topics in Trier. Secondly, MEST-students go abroad to one of our partner universities and continue their studies. Upon successful completion of required course work, students receive a MEST-certificate.

To receive the MEST-certificate students need to fulfill the following requirements in detail:

  • 30 ECTS in topics related to Human Resource Management (10 ECTS should be passed in Trier and 20 ECTS abroad)
  • Master thesis in the field of “Human Resource Management & Employment Relations in Service Industries”

Depending on previously attended courses (e.g. during the bachelor programme) an individual agreement could be discussed. If applicable, please contact the MEST-coordination.