Experts’ Colloquium “Psychotherapy & Psychotherapy Research”

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European Center for Psychotherapy and Psychotherapy Research (EZPP)

Europäisches Zentrum für Psychotherapie und Psychotherapieforschung (EZPP)

The European Center for Psychotherapy and Psychotherapy Research (EZPP) is a research and coordination body of the Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy (head: Prof. W. Lutz) and a psychological institution of Faculty I at the University of Trier. The EZPP’s purpose is to facilitate continuous enhancement and use of synergies from teaching and research, postgraduate clinical training, the international PhD program psychotherapy research and the continuing education program for licensed psychotherapists.

The EZPP tries to coordinate various activities in the field of psychotherapy and psychotherapy research for the outpatient psychotherapy center (PALF-A, PALF-F), for postgraduate clinical training (PALF-W), the international PhD-program psychotherapy research (PALF-PhD), for the advanced research graduate courses in the master’s and diplom program, for the additional training in psychotherapy for children and young adults (PALF-KiJu) and the continuing education for licensed psychotherapists (PALF-FB). Additionally, the EZPP promotes development in the field of research methods and statistics as well as the practical application of findings from quality assurance research to the psychotherapeutical setting (PALF-Methods, PALF-Feedback). Further EZPP objectives are to establish a dialogue between prospective and experienced psychotherapy researchers via research and teaching visits (PALF-Travel) and organizing the experts’ colloquium “Psychotherapy & psychotherapy research” (PALF-Expert).

Numerous national and international cooperations, local networks and programs help implementing the EZPP’s goals. The EZPP’s activities in detail:

Outpatient Psychotherapy Center (PALF-A, PALF-F)

Postgraduate Clinical Training (PALF-W)

International PhD-program Psychotherapy Research (PALF-PhD)

Experts’ colloquium “Psychotherapy & Psychotherapy Research” (PALF-Expert)

Post-graduate & vocational training, research consultancy (Palf-Methods)

Quality assurance and feedback systems in psychotherapy (PALF-Feedback)

Additional training in psychotherapy for children and young adults (PALF-KiJu)

Continuing Education for licensed psychotherapists (PALF-FB)

Grants and funded cooperations (PALF-Travel, .pdf)

Information brochure

See here for further information on the EZPP and the Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy.