Pre-Conference Meeting before the 42nd Society for Psychotherapy Research International Meeting 2011 (University of Trier)

International guests of the PhD-Program before the joint visit of the 42nd SPR conference; from left to right: Kim de Jong (GGZ Noord-Holland-Noord/ Universität Leiden), Sam Nordberg (Pennsylvania State University), Dr. Wolfgang Lutz, Dr. Greg Kolden (University of Wisconsin), Dr. Timothy Strauman (Duke University), Dr. Geoff Hooke (Perth Clinic), Dr. Andrew Page (University of Western Australia, Perth), Aaron Fisher (Pennsylvania State University).

41st Society for Psychotherapy Research International Meeting; Asilomar, CA (06/23-27/2010)

Faculty members and cooperation partners from Osnabrück (Prof. Dr. Henning Schöttke, kneeling, first row; Dr. Julia Eversmann, standing, third from right)

Workshop with M.J. Lambert, 09/29 - 10/03/2009

Participants in the workshop with M.J. Lambert, Ph.D. (Brigham Young University, Provo, UT; first row, second from left)

Workshop with Elizabeth Newnham, 05/04-08/2009

Cozy get-together after the workshop with Elizabeth Newnham (University of Western Australia, Perth; right row, second from front); also present: Kim de Jong (GGZ Noord-Holland-Noord/University of Leiden; left row, second from left)

Workshop with T. Strauman, May 2008

Prof. Timothy Strauman, Ph.D. (Duke University, Durham, links) and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Lutz