Research areas

Patient and user-centredness and patient participation

The focus is on researching needs, care conditions, and support requirements from the perspective of care users in the course of chronic illness and multimorbidity. In addition, we address patients and citizens participation in care and research processes and examine concepts that enable active participation and empowerment of those affected.



Quality of care

Identifying shortages, overuse, and underuse of health care services is crucial to achieving and developing high quality care. The focus is on the research of different dimensions of quality of care and the development of indicators to assess and evaluate quality of care.


Health literacy and digital health literacy

Health literacy refers to the ability to find, understand, evaluate, and apply health-related information. The focus of research is on the measurement and analysis of health literacy and the development of user-centred face-to-face and digital services.


Public Health Nursing and new technologies

The focus is on population-based assessments of demands and conditions of health care, and the development and evaluation of new interdisciplinary, patient- and user-centred approaches to primary care (community health), particularly in the light of new technologies.