Nursing Science

We create knowledge forpraxis!

We bring together Nursing Science and Health Psychology to optimize patient centered care. Our students will learn to make their own case related decisions based on scientific evidence. They will be empowered to plan, perform and evaluate nursing interventions. Students will familiarize themselves with acute and long term care in hospitals and homes, focusing on prevention, cure, rehabilitation, and palliative care.

Academic studies

The bachelor degree program in Clinical Nursing combines nursing science including health psychology with practical nursing training in regional hospitals. Both are coordinated with regard to contents and organization. This allows students to develop their skills in both theory and praxis.


Our research in Nursing Science includes questions about patient-centered care of people with dementia and palliative care.

The focus of our research in Health Psychology is on emotional factors, health behaviors, and quality of life of patients with chronic diseases.

The dual bachelor degree program in Clinical Nursing is supported by two professorships:

  • Nursing Science: Prof. Dr. Margit Haas
  • Health Psychology with an emphasis on prevention and rehabilitation: Prof. Dr. Heike Spaderna