Nursing Science

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The subject Nursing Science was composed of the departments Health Psychology, Diagnostics in Health Care & E-Health, Nursing Science I and II and Behavioral Medicine.

We combine nursing science, psychological and medical knowledge to optimize nursing care and secure it for the future. Our students learn to make scientific and case-based nursing decisions and to plan, implement, and evaluate nursing interventions in practice. Fields of practice include acute care, long-term care, and ambulatory care and include prevention, curation, rehabilitation, and palliation.


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We offer the following degree programs:

B.Sc. Clinical Nursing

B.Sc. Clinical Nursing - shortened for professionally qualified students

M.Sc. Interprofessional Health Care


  1. Research


Nursing science I: In Nursing Science I, we conduct research on geriatric and palliative issues. Research focuses on the care of people with dementia, hope promotion among the elderly, falls management and recumbency trauma, and palliative care in clinical setting.


Nursing science II: We conduct research on issues related to evidence-based nursing science and health services research with a focus on patient-centeredness, quality of care, health literacy, and public health nursing and new technologies.


Health psychology with a focus on prevention and rehabilitation: Our research focuses on emotional factors, health behaviors, and quality of life in individuals with chronic diseases.


Diagnostics in Healthcare & E-Health:  We research, evaluate, and develop diagnostic processes as well as interventions, especially with regard to digital healthcare.


Behavioral medicine and human biology foundations for the health sciences: In our work, we use psychological methodology and theories to provide solution-oriented approaches to improving the psychosocial health of patients and caregivers with the goal of sustainable performance-maintaining, health-promoting, and evidence-based effective health management.


Chair Audit Committee: Prof. Dr. Melanie Messer

Management: Prof. Dr. Ana N. Tibubos