Selected recent presentations


Arndt-Lappe, Sabine & Tammy Ganster. 2022. Stress, lexical storage, and the paradigm: evidence from variable alternations. Paper presented at Morphology in production and perception: Phonetics, phonology and spelling of complex words (MPP 2021). Düsseldorf, 7.-9.2.2022.

Arndt-Lappe, Sabine. 2022. Syntact-ic or syntact-ical? Predicting individual productivity with an analogical model. Paper presented at the 44th Annual Conference of the German Linguistic Society (DGfS), AG 8: How productive is derivational morphology? (convenors: Jenny Audring, Kristian Berg). Tübingen, 23.-25.2.2022.


Arndt-Lappe, Sabine. 2021. Frequency, variability, and the productivity of phonological rules – what can we learn from variable stress alternations in English? Keynote, 18th Annual Meeting of the French Phonology Network (RFP 18 2021), 1.-2.7.2021.

Arndt-Lappe, Sabine. 2021. Different Lexicons Make Different Rivals. Invited paper presented at the workshop Affix Rivalry. Université de Fribourg, 19.3.2021.

Arndt-Lappe, Sabine & Sebastian Hoffmann. 2021. Thirteen menand a drunken sailor –revisiting the Principle of Rhythmic Alternation through an auditory analysis of authentic spoken language. Paper presented at the 6th ISLE Conference (International Society for the Linguistics of English), Joenssu (Finland), 2.–6.6.2021.

Beliaeva, Natalia, Sabine Arndt-Lappe, Audrey Martin. Borisconi, Messidona, Kimye –   Why are name blends on the rise in digital genres? Paper presented at the 6th ISLE Conference (International Society for the Linguistics of English), Joenssu (Finland), 2.–6.6.2021.

Belosevic, Milena & Sabine Arndt-Lappe. Merci-Jens and Lösch-Leyen. The Semantics of Personal Name Compounds in German. International Symposium of Morphology, 22.-25.09.2021, Toulouse.


Arndt-Lappe, Sabine & Melanie Bell. 2020. Linguistic Experience Shapes Word-Formation Patterns: Novel Formations by Native and Non-Native Speakers of English. Poster presented at the 19th International Morphology Meeting. Vienna, 6.-8.2.2020.

Arndt-Lappe, Sabine, Fabian Tomaschek & Robin Schrecklinger. 2020. Stratification Effects without Morphological Strata, Syllable Counting Effects without Actual Counts, and what’s in a Trigram? Paper presented at the international workshop on Implications of Psycho-Computational Modelling for Morphological Theory. 19th International Morphology Meeting. Vienna, 6.-8.2.2020.


Arndt-Lappe, Sabine, Robin Schrecklinger & Fabian Tomaschek. 2019. Modelling English Stress Assignment from Orthography with Naive Discriminative Learning: Morphological and Structural Effects. MoProc 2019: International Morphological Processing Conference. Tübingen, 4.-7.11.2019.

Filatkina, Natalia, Sabine Arndt-Lappe, Milena Belošević & Audrey Martin. 2019. Mercon, Robbery und Donary Clump. Die sog. Namenkreuzungen als bewegte Namen. Paper presented at Bewegte Namen – Conference of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Namenforschung. Münster, 11.-13.9.2019.

Arndt-Lappe, Sabine & Lina Baldus. 2019. The Development of Subschemas in L2 Acquisition: Two Case Studies from German-English Syntax and Morphophonology. Paper presented at the 52nd Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea. Leipzig, 21.-24.8.2019.

Arndt-Lappe, Sabine & Sonia Ben Hedia. 2019. Stress in the Family: Reconsidering Stress Preservation in English –ory Adjectives. Poster presented at the 12th Mediterranean Morphology Meeting. Ljubljana, 27.-30.6.2019.