Professor Maude Hines

FIELDS: Nineteenth-Century American Literature and Culture; Early Twentieth-Century American Literature and Culture; African-American Literature; Cultural Studies; Children's Literature; Gender and Literature; Critical Theory

SPECIAL INTERESTS/ AUTHORS: Maude Hines received her Ph.D. in Literature from Duke University in 1998, along with graduate certification in African-American Studies and Women's Studies. She specializes in American Literature. Her teaching and research focuses on Anglo-American Children's Literature, African American Literature, and Cultural Studies. She is currently completing a manuscript on citizen formation in late nineteenth-century American children's literature. She is also working on a project about the treatment of racial transformation in American cultural production. Her published work includes articles on Philip Pullman, Alice Walker and Paule Marshall, Ecocriticism in Children's Literature, and Louisa May Alcott.


Professor Ann Marie Fallon

Ann Marie Fallon is a Visiting Junior Lecturer in American Literature. She originally holds a post as Assistant Professor at the Portland State University after previously having taught at the University of Virginia. Ann Marie Fallon received a BA in English Literature from Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania in 1994, before she completed a MA program in 1997 in English Literature and Women's Studies and a PhD ("The World is Full of Islands": Literary Revision and the Production of a Transnational Robinson Crusoe") in 2003 both at the University of Virginia.

Her areas of research and teaching include Twentieth century American and British literature and culture; Postcolonial Literature and Theory; African-American fiction; Women’s fiction; Literature of the Border; Eighteenth Century Studies and British Colonialism; Feminist Theory and Gender Studies; Cultural Theory; Modernism, Post-modernism; and Community-based Learning. She is faculty advisor and founding editor for the undergraduate research journal INQ ( and was a member of the editorial board of Archipelago: an International Journal of Literature, Arts and Opinion from 1998 to 2000. She was further engaged in a Community-Based Learning Committee in University Studies (2003-2004), a Faculty Development Lecture Series (2002-2003), a Diversity Committee (2003-2004) all at the Portland State University and carried out faculty advisory functions at a University Studies Student Advisory Council (Portland State University) and at an Undergraduate Research Conference which took place in Portland, Oregon in May 2004.