Medieval History with a focus on Jewish History

The goal of this Juniorprofessorship of Medieval History with a focus on Jewish History is to strengthen the internationally renowned research center for Jewish History (Arye Maimon Institute for Jewish History) established in Trier. It also ensures a sound training of students in all bachelor's and master's programs by offering a diverse teaching portfolio.

JProf. Dr. Andreas Lehnertz is currently working on his second book, “Jewish Craftspeople in Medieval Ashkenaz”, and Sophia Schommer on her Ph.D. thesis, entitled “Port Jews. Sephardic Jews on the Italian Peninsula in the Late Middle Ages and the 16th century” (in German).


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Current Exhibition

In and Out – Between and Beyond. Jüdisches Alltagsleben im mittelalterlichen Europa. Special exhibition in cooperation with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and contemporary Israeli artists

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