Current University Administrative Service

At the university level:

  • Substitute member of Senate's Budgetary Committee

At the college level:

  • Faculty Council Member
  • Member of Erasmus Commission
  • Vice-chairperson of Budgetary Committee
  • Responsible (Economics, Business Administration, Sociology)

At the departmental level:

  • Member of Examination Boards for Uni Trier Master's Programs Economics,Economic and Measurement, Economics-Minor, Survey Statistics;
  • Member of Examination Board for Uni Trier Bachelor's Programs Economics and Finance, Economics-Major (Hauptfach), Economics-Minor;
  • Member of Examination Board for Uni Trier Master's Program in International Economics and Public Policy (offered jointly with Political Science Department);
  • Department Responsible for Internationalization
  • Department Coordinator in the Joint Academic Commitees for the Economics double master programs with the Warsaw University and Bergamo University

Liaison Officer, Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation