• Development and application of targeted and non-targeted metabolomics techniques
  • Partitioning, retardation and degradation Kinetics of pharmaceutically active contaminants
  • Surface Chemistry
  • Toxicology and ecotoxicology of pharmaceutically active contaminants and other contaminants of emerging concern
  • Assessing effects of pharmaceutically active contaminants on microbes using metagenomics and metatranscriptomics
  • Fate and dynamics of organic and inorganic chemical components in soils under different management regimes


  • 2021 - Present:Research Associate, Department of Soil Science, Trier University

  • 2018: Research Assistant- Danish International Development Agency -Green and Circular Innovation for Kenyan Companies (DANIDA- GECKO) Project, Kenya Industrial research and Development Institute

  • 2017-2021: Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Biochemistry- Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology

  • 2015-2018:Master of Science in Molecular Biology, Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology.Thesis: Biodegradation Kinetics of Chlorpyrifos and Diuron Degrading Bacterial Isolates from the Nzoia River Drainage Basin, Kenya. Funding- The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) Research Grants Programme in Basic Sciences for Research Units in Science and Technology- Lagging Countries (2015-2016) & The National Research Fund (NRF) Kenya.

  • 2011: Project Assistant- Netherlands Project, World Agroforestry Centre

  • 2009-2012: Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology


Mirenga E. O.
, Korir J.C, Kimosop S.J, Orata F, and Getenga Z.M, “Isolation and Molecular Characterization of Soil Bacteria Capable of Degrading Chlorpyrifos and Diuron Pesticides.” Journal of Applied & Environmental Microbiology, vol. 6, no.1 (2018): 18-24. DOI: 10.12691/jaem-6-1-3