Research in Cultural and Political Geography

Our research:

  • Brings together new disciplinary configurations of researchers with a focus on the interplay between space, power and human experience;
  • Interrogates a range of different spaces and explores how they spaces function and searches for ways to engage with relevant stakeholders to identify research opportunities, share knowledge and expertise;
  • Explores innovative methods to engage with the often vulnerable populations and less-visible research fields associated with this area of academic research;
  • Shares knowledge and expertise to enhance undergraduate, taught postgraduate and research postgraduate teaching and scholarship in this area at Trier, across disciplines.

Our research initiatives encompass a diverse array of thematic foci:

  • Borders in Our Contemporary World: Here research concerns the multifaceted nature of borders, examining the intricate dynamics surrounding their locations and practices. From the delineation of national boundaries and prison perimeters to the subtle yet profound influence of metaphorical boundaries in societal spaces, such as identity construction, we aim to illuminate the diverse ways in which boundaries shape our modern landscapes.
  • Carceral Seas: Our investigations delve into the governance of maritime spaces, interrogating the ways in which the ocean functions as a site of incarceration and control. By critically examining phenomena such as prison ships and maritime boundaries, we seek to unveil the underlying power dynamics that underpin offshore spaces.
  • Spaces of Care and Control: Drawing upon historical analyses and contemporary case studies, we focus on different institutional environments such as the Victorian prison or the children’s home. By exploring a range of themes including the architectural design of these spaces; their gendered experiences; or the mental health and well-being of the people who work there, we aim to deepen our understanding of the complex dynamics that shape spaces of confinement.
  • The Prison-Military Complex: Our research interrogates the complex nexus between prisons and military institutions, shedding light on the ways in which they intersect and mutually reinforce one another. Through a critical lens, we examine the implications of this interconnection for governance, security, and social order.

You can read more about the research that we are currently working on by visiting our Projects page.

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