Teaching in Cultural and Political Geography

Our Teaching Philosophy

Studying cultural and political geography at the university level serves as a vital gateway to comprehending the intricate tapestry of human societies and their spatial organization. Through an interdisciplinary lens, students explore themes such as borders, spaces of control, urban geographies, governance, colonialism, identity, practices, and materiality. These themes collectively illuminate the multifaceted ways in which power, culture, and politics intersect with geographical space. By delving into the complexities of border dynamics, students gain insight into the geopolitical forces shaping global interactions and territorial boundaries. Examination of spaces of control unveils the mechanisms through which power is exercised and contested, shedding light on issues of surveillance and social control. Urban geographies provide a lens through which to understand the spatial inequalities and dynamics of urbanisation, while governance studies reveal the processes by which authority is established and maintained. Exploration of colonialism exposes the enduring legacies of imperialism and the ongoing struggles for decolonisation, while identity studies delve into the construction of individual and collective identities within spatial contexts. Analysis of practices and materiality unveils the tangible and intangible aspects of cultural landscapes, elucidating the ways in which space is imbued with meaning and significance. Ultimately, studying cultural and political geography equips students with critical thinking skills and a nuanced understanding of the complex relationships between space, society, and politics, enabling them to navigate and contribute meaningfully to an increasingly interconnected world.

Related Modules

You’ll find these themes in the following modules, which are taught by members of the Cultural and Political Geography Team:

  • Grundlagen der Human Geography I: Culture, Politics and Society
  • Vertiefung: Exploring Urban Spaces
  • Vertiefung: Geographien der Carcerality, Grenzen und Mobilität
  • Regional- und Standortanalyse: Human geographies of the seas and oceans
  • Praktikum

The Cultural and Political Geography Team invites Bachelor- or Masterarbeit projects in areas related to our research themes. Projects can be supervised in English or German.

We advise joining a colloquium in Winter Semester to develop ideas and plan a feasible project, which can take place in the semester break. The colloquium in the Summer Semester is generally focussed on the skills needed to write the Bachelorarbeit itself.

General Information

The subjects of Cultural and Poltical Geography are topics in the following degree programmes:

B.Sc. Geographie

B.A. Tourismusgeographie

B.Ed. Geographie

M.Ed. Geographie

M.Sc. Angewandte Humangeographie

For further information about the Bachelor- and Masters Programmes in Faculty Fachbereich VI Spatial and Environmental Sciences, click here.