The Canadian Studies Centre (ZKS) is one of the central institutions of the University of Trier. The ZKS has as its objectives to support interdisciplinary research and teaching in Canadian Studies, to promote scholarly Canadian Studies, and to strengthen the scholarly and cultural relations between Canada and the German speaking countries.

Founded in 1976, the ZKS currently comprises all six faculties of the University of Trier.

The Canadian Studies Centre is not only dealing with literature and the Anglo- and Franco-Canadian languages; historical, geographical and political studies also play a vital part, as well as economics, sociology and law. For example, the ZKS pursued a research project dealing with social and literary aspects of Canadian Multiculturalism.

Readings by Canadian authors and scholars or exhibitions are promoted by the ZKS, as are also workshops (e.g. on Creative Writing) and scientific conferences with both German and international contributors.

The close collaboration between Canada and the Canadian Studies Centre at the University of Trier is based on a Partnership Agreement that was ratified in 1985 by the University of Trier and the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg. Due to this mutal contract, ten interdisciplinary symposia have been alternately organized and held at Trier and Winnipeg.

In its own publication series ('Schriftenreihe des ZKS'), the ZKS publishes the papers presented at the Winnipeg and Trier Conferences as well as other scholarly and literary texts. Ten volumes have been published so far.