The Research Priority Program "Psychobiology of Stress" brings together researchers from the Department of Psychology and the Research Institute of Psychobiology.

Principle Investigators


PhD Students

  • Petra Bachmann, MSc. (Clinical Psychophysiology)
  • Benjamin Buttlar, MSc. (Social Psychology)
  • Johannes Finke, MSc. (Clinical Psychophysiology)
  • Glen Forester, MA. (Neuro-cognitive Psychology)
  • Maximilian Friehs, MSc. (General Psychology I)
  • Xenia Hengesch, MSc. (Clinical Psychophysiology)
  • Luca Schaan, MSc. (Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy in Children and Adolescents)
  • Julia Strojny, MSc. (Biological and Clinical Psychology)
  • Patrick Zimmer, MSc. (Biological and Clinical Psychology)