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Dennis Göpfert

Since 2019, I have been dealing with the psychological effects of the treatment of Covid-19 patients requiring intensive care as part of my dissertation topic “Evaluation of the psychological stress of health workers in the context of the Sars-CoV-2 pandemic - an assessment based on survey results from the anesthesia department at the University Hospital of Würzburg”. patients. The focus is on measuring relevant stressors such as anxiety and depression, but also protective factors such as resilience, in order to present an overall picture of the psychosocial consequences associated with medical treatment. A detailed publication of longitudinal data with a comparison of the different waves of the disease can be found at the following link:

GMS | GMS German Medical Science — an Interdisciplinary Journal | Impaired psychological well-being of healthcare workers in a German department of anesthesiology is independent of immediate SARS-CoV-2 exposure – a longitudinal observational study (egms.de)

In addition to my medical work as a prospective internist at the Würzburg University Hospital, I also research other topics in the areas of psychocardiology and heart-brain interaction. The focus here is on the assessment of cognitive qualities within heart failure cohorts, as well as associated changes in cerebral substructures over the long term. The specific goal here is to identify potential sources of prevention options for patients who are at particular risk for cognitive deficits due to underlying heart failure. For me, this project represents a crucial interface between cardiology and psychology and is intended to depict this essential component of heart failure even more precisely in the future through interdisciplinary collaboration.